Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meet my new baby

Yes, I am officially one of those wanker SLR camera people. I promise, I bought it for a real reason though. After travelling to Bali earlier this year and taking a whole 5 photos, I decided I wanted a proper camera and to learn how to take big girl photos (i.e. can do more than point and shoot). My new work buddy Steph and I have decided to enroll in the beginners course at ACP (ironically the same anagram as my old work but in this case stands for Australian Centre for Photography). Classes don't start until next year so in the meantime we are going to do some of those dorky tours around Hyde Park and The Rocks to hone our mad photography skills.

Here's a photo of me with my new photo-taker. I'm currently trying to work out what the 137,546,789 different settings do.

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