Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scrunchie what?!

While searching for the perfect fascinator or little hair accessory, I came across something quite disturbing. A fashion accessory so past cool that it was never even cool. Carrie puts it the best way by saying that no woman from New York would or should ever wear a scrunchie.

Ohhh and it's a sweet victory for us fashion ladies when the woman admits to Berger that she is in fact from Georgia. Poor Berger and his poorly researched book.

While searching for this races headwear I came across this disturbing item. SCRUNCHIES. For sale. In 2011. If you are desperate to purchase such scrunchies you can find them here.

For a replay of the cute, yet hysterical SATC scene watch it now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cue so pretty

Chu so pretty Cue. So feminine, so sweet, so perfect for work and completely affordable (considering aforementioned obsession with Shop Bop). Your 30% off email was also so enticing and got me out of bed to peek my inquisitive head around your store.

Alas, I could not resist and somehow ended up with a pretty amazing coat (it must be sensational because I do not have a coat collection unlike a certain friend who will remain nameless). But wait, I walked out with two bags. Meaning there was something in the other bag. A skirt AND a top.

Greedy? No! Just doing my part for the economy. Perfectly pretty for a party and suitably sensible for Sunday suppers out.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snuggle times

Nothing says snuggle time like a brand spanking new pair of sheets and a pretty doona. I did the ultimate of all ultimate betrayals and bought a quilt cover from the Marie Claire range. I was looking for something pretty, yet plain, cool yet something I would not get bored of quickly.

I can't find it online but it's a light grey with a floral pattern. It's edginess comes in white and grey colour blocking around the edges.

Even better? Coupled with the 500 thread count Sheridan sheets it is so super cozy and snuggly.

Besides getting out of bed to have lunch with the fam and put on my washing, I think I will stay put.

My room is getting a mini makeover so stay tuned for my next little project which will take a little more creativity that picking out a set of sheets.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Online shoparrhea

A year a go I would never have dared to put an item in my virtual shopping card and click checkout. Oh how things have changed. I am now an online shopping whore.

I fill my shopping carts more often that a mum of ten does at the supermarket. I'm constantly making that ticking number next to the shopping cart increase. Oh just a few more items won't hurt, right?

I'm flitting around on Shop Bop, Top Shop, Forever 21, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and any other international sites that will ship to Australia. I'm clicking this and enlarging that. All in the name of fashion, darling.

I need another pair of ballet flats and I definitely need another A-line skirt. A lady can never have too many shoes, bags or clothes. And bless a little thing called eBay when our closet gets too full.

I'm a master at this game now. And a game it is indeed. You need serious skill to know how to out smart another bidder and score that favourite item. It's like predicting the next move in scissors, paper, rock.

Tonight this happened beautifully when I won some killer heels I had been searching for, for probably a year. My excitement was met with confusion from my mother, all the while trying to give me her tips on how to win this item of choice.

If it wasn't for selling (and albeit buying a few things on eBay) I would never be able to afford for so many packages to arrive at my front door.

God bless modern technology and the power of spending hundreds of dollars in a single click.

Who moved my cheese?

If you are craving change or wondering what is next in your life you should read this little self help book I just finished. Okay, I hear ya saying "Self help book? Me? Please!"

But seriously, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson will completely change your outlook on any situation that you are struggling with. If it's work or family or friends, it's a little book of hope and inspiration.

The added bonus? It took me about an hour to read. Plus it's a cute little metaphorical story.

Thanks Lohie for making me feel inspired again.

If only...

Some superficial 'if only' points for today.
  • If only I could look as chic as Emma Watson does in her new ads for LancĂ´me.
  • If only I had a personal sushi chef that made me my favourite rolls each night for dinner. And miso soup, of course. 
  • If only my room would clean itself, my washing wash itself and my hair blow dry itself. 
  • If only I could cure my obsession with Shop Bop.
  • If only I could be as funny and cute as Mia Freedman is in her new book, Mia Culpa. Seriously rationing it out for fear of depression once reading is completed. 
  • If only I owned half of Gorman's clothing (now, if I said ALL that would no longer be superficial but unrealistic).
What are some things you are if only-ing about?

Public transport pet peeves

Excuse me, would you mind moving over? Apparently a lot of people do mind scootin' over on public transport.

Everyday I take a bus and train to work and the manners of the world in general often astounds me. On the bus each morning people sit in the middle of the seat and refuse to shuffle closer to the window and you are left perching in an odd position. Of course, it's even worse when bratty school kids won't stand up for elderly or pregnant women. Hello can you not see the sign on the bus window?

I then jump on the train to the city. I absolutely cringe when I am sitting on a three seater on the train and someone sits down on the aisle and then refuses to shuffle over when someone else wants to join our happy little party of three. What do they do? They stand up and let the new person sit in the middle. What's so exclusive about an aisle seat on the train? I personally hate it when people are standing next to you and their handbag swings and hits you in the head.

Hello mister. It's not like you get any extra leg room, are closer to the bathroom or there are free gifts for aisle seat occupants. And little miss, if your excuse is that you are getting off in two stops, well then stand in the bloody main part of the carriage!

Understandly when you spend 2+ hours a day experiencing the pettiness of Sydney commuters you decide to write a ranting blog about it.

What are your public transport pet peeves?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lucy Diamond

Imagine if you were named after a Beatles song.

Daddy, why does the snow flake? Because snow -- because snow flakes. Daddy, what is mustard made of? Because it's yellow ketchup. Daddy, why are men bald? Sometimes they're bald because their head is shiny...and they don't have hair on it. So their head is just more of their face. Daddy, are ladybugs only girls...or are there boys, too? And if there are, what are they called? Yeah, the Beatles.

Daddy, where does the sky end? Why does the moon follow me home? Why is the sun orange? Where does the hour go in Daylight Savings? Daddy, do I look more like you or Mommy? Daddy... Do you think she'll ever come back? Paul McCartney lost his mother when he was little. And John Lennon lost his mother when he was little.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The wish list

There have been a few things lately on what I like to call 'The List'. This is my ultimate wish list of things I convince myself that I need. Need as in I am desperate for and can't live without.

The items at the top lately are as follows; red ballet flats, a leopard skin bag, an amazing beige blazer and a dress for my uni graduation.

I managed to tick off the leopard bag a couple of weeks ago. The dress for graduation was found in Melbourne and fits like a glove, as if it was made especially for me.

The beige blazer may have to wait until Zara opens but I believe I found the perfect red ballets. One catch? They aren't available in my size online. So I may have to compromise and buy these instead.

Melbourne, I love you

Considering my travel to quite a few places overseas, it surprised people to know that I had never travelled to Melbourne. The bff Meredith was born there and thus the perfect tour guide for my first trip to the Garden State.

Last weekend we took a leisurely Friday off work and caught a 7.30am flight to Melbourne (getting up at 4.45am was so insanely enjoyable). First up we checked in at our amazing hotel (cue sarcasm). With goths galore, a druggie having a breakdown and a damp floor in our room it was all class. The best part was the price tag and for this I was willing to endure the seedy company to save dollars for shopping.

One of the greatest things about Melbourne are the little laneways that duck and connect each of the main streets. Even greater? The quaint little cafes and coffee shops. We started off our Friday morning with brunch, coffee and people watching at one of these red-cupped locations.

We then spent several hours in the hidden underground bargain stores that Meredith frequents when she visits her two older siblings and neices each Christmas. It was cheap Asian galore. A $6 skirt, $35 shoes and a little denim jacket that grew on all of us over time.

While M's mum hit the town with some friends she met on a cruise in Alaska last year, M and I made our way to Southbank for cocktails and dinner. Our chosen location? Nobu. We were desperate to go here in New York last year but somehow never made it to the Robert De Niro founded sushi joint. After Apchee martinis (yes, lychee and apple mixed together) we were seated at the sushi bar. Fresh salmon, crab and avocado rolls were made right in front of our eyes while wine was aplenty. A spin around The Crown Casino and some delicious gelato wrapped up a great night. Oh, and don't forget the amazing people outside our hotel as we got back to our fab digs.

Saturday was a morning of hash browns, peppermint tea, amazing coffee and M's favourite cafe's eggs benedict. We checked out a few more alley ways and found some amazing art. Energised, we began what turned out to be a massive mission to get to Bridge Rd. Trust that the weekend we are in Melbourne there was tram work. So two trams and a bus later we were ready for our next big shopping day. Treats from Country Road, Gorman and Wittner were on the list.

Dinner that night with Meredith's brother Leigh, his wife Lisa and two adorable girls Maddie and April rounded out a pretty great day. Minus Maddie being sick in the middle of the restaurant after enjoying a few too many calamari rings. Don't fret though, 20 mins later she was enjoying raspberry gelato.

Sunday started with rain and a hilarious Greek (no wait, "I'm Aussie," she insisted) cab driver on the way to Chapel St. More shoes, clothes and food galore we were very happy ladies despite the wetness that Melbourne always delivers.

After drinks in the afternoon with M's mum we were back at the airport by 8pm, exhausted and ready to head home. Let us not forget the hot boy that made us both blush. Somehow, although insanely tired we still managed to giggle half the way home on the flight. I discovered my talent for social commentary that made us laugh our pants off.

What an amazing weekend? I definitely fell hard for Melbourne. Can't wait for my next visit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goin' app crazy!

When I first got my iPhone I was so against apps. I just couldn't be bothered and really just wanted to use my phone for texting, email and calls.

However, a little birdy got me using the Facebook app. Next came Angry Birds and Bubble Shooter. Soon enough, I was obsessed with checking out the games section on iTunes.

New favourites include PocketBooth, Words and eBay.

Now Belle, Lohie and I are trying to think of a clever app that no one else has created yet. It's quite hard. Everyone it seems has capitalised on this invention and there is literally an app for everything.

While Apple can reject an app if they don't approve, there seriously isn't strict guidelines. Here are a few crazy ones: iFart, MyVibe, Pimple Popper and Poo Log. Trust me, I do not have any of these on my iPhone.

Our smart, creative and just generally amazing friends Harry and Tom thought of and actually created the BeScene app. It tells you all the great places to go out on the weekend in Sydney, what's going on and even lets you RSVP for events and get your name on the guestlist. Check it out.

What apps do you love? C'mon spur my addiction.