Thursday, March 17, 2011

Public transport pet peeves

Excuse me, would you mind moving over? Apparently a lot of people do mind scootin' over on public transport.

Everyday I take a bus and train to work and the manners of the world in general often astounds me. On the bus each morning people sit in the middle of the seat and refuse to shuffle closer to the window and you are left perching in an odd position. Of course, it's even worse when bratty school kids won't stand up for elderly or pregnant women. Hello can you not see the sign on the bus window?

I then jump on the train to the city. I absolutely cringe when I am sitting on a three seater on the train and someone sits down on the aisle and then refuses to shuffle over when someone else wants to join our happy little party of three. What do they do? They stand up and let the new person sit in the middle. What's so exclusive about an aisle seat on the train? I personally hate it when people are standing next to you and their handbag swings and hits you in the head.

Hello mister. It's not like you get any extra leg room, are closer to the bathroom or there are free gifts for aisle seat occupants. And little miss, if your excuse is that you are getting off in two stops, well then stand in the bloody main part of the carriage!

Understandly when you spend 2+ hours a day experiencing the pettiness of Sydney commuters you decide to write a ranting blog about it.

What are your public transport pet peeves?

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