Thursday, March 17, 2011

Online shoparrhea

A year a go I would never have dared to put an item in my virtual shopping card and click checkout. Oh how things have changed. I am now an online shopping whore.

I fill my shopping carts more often that a mum of ten does at the supermarket. I'm constantly making that ticking number next to the shopping cart increase. Oh just a few more items won't hurt, right?

I'm flitting around on Shop Bop, Top Shop, Forever 21, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and any other international sites that will ship to Australia. I'm clicking this and enlarging that. All in the name of fashion, darling.

I need another pair of ballet flats and I definitely need another A-line skirt. A lady can never have too many shoes, bags or clothes. And bless a little thing called eBay when our closet gets too full.

I'm a master at this game now. And a game it is indeed. You need serious skill to know how to out smart another bidder and score that favourite item. It's like predicting the next move in scissors, paper, rock.

Tonight this happened beautifully when I won some killer heels I had been searching for, for probably a year. My excitement was met with confusion from my mother, all the while trying to give me her tips on how to win this item of choice.

If it wasn't for selling (and albeit buying a few things on eBay) I would never be able to afford for so many packages to arrive at my front door.

God bless modern technology and the power of spending hundreds of dollars in a single click.

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