Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goin' app crazy!

When I first got my iPhone I was so against apps. I just couldn't be bothered and really just wanted to use my phone for texting, email and calls.

However, a little birdy got me using the Facebook app. Next came Angry Birds and Bubble Shooter. Soon enough, I was obsessed with checking out the games section on iTunes.

New favourites include PocketBooth, Words and eBay.

Now Belle, Lohie and I are trying to think of a clever app that no one else has created yet. It's quite hard. Everyone it seems has capitalised on this invention and there is literally an app for everything.

While Apple can reject an app if they don't approve, there seriously isn't strict guidelines. Here are a few crazy ones: iFart, MyVibe, Pimple Popper and Poo Log. Trust me, I do not have any of these on my iPhone.

Our smart, creative and just generally amazing friends Harry and Tom thought of and actually created the BeScene app. It tells you all the great places to go out on the weekend in Sydney, what's going on and even lets you RSVP for events and get your name on the guestlist. Check it out.

What apps do you love? C'mon spur my addiction. 

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