Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fine tuning my skills

Ok so I have pretty basic skills so it's not really like I am "fine-tuning" so to say my skills. That said, this morning I took a nice walk near my house and into the bush to test out the macro setting on my camera (the roses obviously weren't found in the bush). Here's a few basic snaps!

Absolute goddess

Surely this isn't normal?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maxi mania

I should be the perfect candidate for wearing a maxi skirt/dress considering my height. Yet somehow I have never been able to bring myself to wear one. It may sound silly but I feel like they make me look TOO tall.

However, when I came across this little sucker at Gen Pants on Thursday night all my stereotypes relating to this fashion piece were broken. We're the perfect match. I can't wait to wear him with a singlet, blazer and my amazing beige wedges!

Any fashion item you are too scared to tackle?

Meet my new baby

Yes, I am officially one of those wanker SLR camera people. I promise, I bought it for a real reason though. After travelling to Bali earlier this year and taking a whole 5 photos, I decided I wanted a proper camera and to learn how to take big girl photos (i.e. can do more than point and shoot). My new work buddy Steph and I have decided to enroll in the beginners course at ACP (ironically the same anagram as my old work but in this case stands for Australian Centre for Photography). Classes don't start until next year so in the meantime we are going to do some of those dorky tours around Hyde Park and The Rocks to hone our mad photography skills.

Here's a photo of me with my new photo-taker. I'm currently trying to work out what the 137,546,789 different settings do.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Red and pink, oh my!

This picture has made me withdraw anything I have ever said about wearing pink and red together. Contributing further to my colour blocking obsession, is this outfit from Sportmax S/S 11.

That said, I still live by the rule my mother taught me "blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between."

What is your take on mixing non-traditional colours?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love me?

Buy me these shoes?


Absolutely obsessed with ASOS. Now this is a seriously big call...but, before I even open a tab for Facebook in Safari, I open ASOS. Now that's some crazy shit. I hit the "new in" section and take it all in. New blazers, new skirts and new pants. Ohhh my!

I discovered ASOS only perhaps 6 months ago and I have probably done half a dozen orders already. And let me tell you, the orders are not for one item each. If you can work out what size you are (bit of a risk of first) you will be in heaven. Hint: go for the same size you are in Oz clothing regardless of what the net says - the sizes skew larger.

Best purchases thus far? A bright orange skirt, an amazing navy blazer and a leopard watch! Delish.

Check it out. Don't blame me if your credit card suddenly reaches it's limit.

The Biebs

The Biebs. Aka Bieber. Aka 'Baby' singer.

Can not believe what a phenomenon this 17-year-old has become. The YouTube sensation is breaking hearts and is so popular that any girl linked to him is in the line for death threats (ahem, Selena Gomez!).

What I love more than anything is how everyone from my Nan to a toddler knows who he is. While in Melbourne recently Meredith's mum rattled off some random facts about a passerby having the same hair as Justin Beiber's new cut.

What have we become? He's the new Justin Timberlake. Remember the Mickey Mouse Club? Woah. Makes you feel old, just like when you see a guy using a discman on the train.

I still cringe when I hear Baby playing but you know what, we will all have to answer our children's questions about who The Biebs was and why he was so great.

Anyone have an answer?

What's on your playlist?

Every few months I create a new train playlist and literally listen to these same 10 or 20 songs every morning for about a month. The current list includes an insane amount of Kanye West. Bit slow on the uptake with this one but am absolutely digging (get it?!) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Sample of the current playlist:

  • Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  • Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
  • The Bitter End - Placebo
  • Blackbird - Paul McCartney
  • The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
  • Breathe - Angels & Airwaves
  • Make You Feel My Love - Adele
  • Clocks - Coldplay
  • Could I Be You - Matchbox Twenty
  • Hand In My Pocket - Alanis Morisette
  • Makes This Go On Forever - Snow Patrol
  • Supersonic - Oasis
  • All Of The Lights - Kanye West
  • Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay
  • Flume - Bon Iver

Dig it? What's on your current playlist?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mantra: Do as Olivia Palermo does

Of course, like every other girl in Sydney I was super excited for Zara to open last month. And boy, have I done my duty as a citizen. I dropped some serious cash but my favourite purchase has to be my pink blazer.

It's the ultimate in fun, the chic-est way to play trendy office gal and of course, super affordable. Alas, it is not as cheap as shopping in the US or UK, but did we ever expect the prices not to be jacked up?

What makes me even more excited about this jacket is the fact that the ultimate stylista Olivia Palermo was snapped wearing it.

With you by my side (as well as a pretty few bold pieces from Asos), I have colour blocking down to a fine art.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The BIG Week

I think this has been the biggest week of my life.

After four years of study I graduated from uni, after two years at Cleo I embarked in exchange for bigger and better things at News Digital Media, I left by 21 year old self behind and moved into the big scary seat of being 22 and I planned and helped organise Cleo Bachelor of the Year.

On top of that, I attempted to teach someone new how to do my job in two weeks (a hard feat in itself plus add the party planning, days off for graduation and doing your normal tasks). Insane.

And now on Good Friday, I rest. Last night I slept for 14 hours. A completely exhausting but thrilling last week.

It all began last Thursday when I turned 22. I had an insanely busy day but managed to pop out with Chinny, Lohie, Belle, Fishy, Swifty and Yay for a quick lunch play date. Then my office gorged on an amazing fruit platter in the afternoon and I was presented with 18 amazing pink roses. Dinner at Sushi Choo with Meredith and buying a LBD for Bachelor completed the night. Add in a Frankie subscription and an amazing card from my future boyfriend, Bill Ransic and the day was complete.

Saturday, we all celebrated with drinks at Dr Pong and dancing at The Forbes. There is nothing better than bringing your friends from all different parts of your life and seeing them hit it off. The fact that they have you in common is enough to spur conversation. Belle proved to be the pro at Ping Pong and all the boys were equally intimidated. Coco Pops for breakfast. Best way to hit a hangover on the head the next morning.

I never though I would have one of THOSE moments. You know those moments that characters have in movies when they talk to themselves. Well, I didn't speak out loud, but when I was lining up back stage to received my degree I stopped still. It was just a "wow, you deserve this, soak it in" moment. How many times do you graduate from university and have your parents beaming in the crowd?

And of course, Meredith was shocked when I said I was more excited about Cleo Bachelor than my graduation. The thing about organising something like this, is that it literally starts six months before. Locking in the sponsors, selecting the venue, organising the guest list. The only way to describe it is manic. And it's not like it's your ONLY task. It's on top of EVERYTHING else that you do. But you know what, when you show up on the night and everything runs so smoothly that you can't stop smiling, it's worth all the stress, late nights and back pain (from hauling goodie bags).

To top it off, I love that the winner (Eamon Sullivan) was as humble as pie. A true sweetie. And who could forget the second runner up, Paul "Crazy Eyes" Verhoeven.

Coming in at 11am on your last day. Amazing. Just chilling, eating noodles for lunch with ya BFF and then attending your final book meeting. Knowing I never have to put that book together again is both sad and a relief. More flowers, a Marc Jacobs bracelet and an awesome dumpling date with ma ladies topped off the day. Farewell Cleo.

On to the next chapter. 5 days off. Shopping at Zara this weekend. job!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Am I sushi-sessed?

So it's easy to find sushi in the city. They sell it on every corner, in train stations and each food court has at least threee places to get your nori roll and edamame fix.

Finding AMAZING sushi in the city can prove to be difficult. You find places that are hidden gems and are super delicious. But then something inevitable happens. They become super popular, their heads get too big and down goes the quality.

Some of the coordinators are fans of Sakura. Personally, I think it's  bit exxy and overrated. However, if the ladies wanna eat here, who am I to turn down great company?

Now the sushi place next to David Jones is heaven. How bad is it that I go there probably 3 times a week and I don't know what it's called? Meredith and I discovered this place and it's super delicious. I would recommend the chicken teriyaki roll, the tuna and avocado set or the agedashi tofu.

That said, a pretty super thing happened last week. The chicks at work started talking about a new sushi place. This new sushi place, they said, is extremely yummy and all the plates are $3. Score. I had to try it. And yes, last week I went there 3 times and ahhhhhhh-mazing. Try the chicken schnitty roll or the salmon there is so fresh it melts in your mouth. Check it out - Sushi Hotaru in the Galeries Victoria. 

I've even gotten Belle to be a seasoned sushi eater. Not a fan of the seaweed, she is still a super great sport and loves the sushi train as much as the next person.

I think I am sushi-sessed!


I've previously mentioned my obsession with nail polish. Lately however, I have made a move from the plums, reds and pinks to beiges, tans and browns. I am not sure if this is just a phase or a sign that gasp! I'm becoming more mature with my choices. Or at least more conservative.

There is a plus side to the neutrals. When they chip, they don't look as awful as half a red nail that you have peeled off in boredom on the train. And of course, they match with all sorts of outfits. I'm no OCD here (trust me, you should see my room) but I like things to match!

Speaking of matching, I'm talking about clothing. I know colour blocking is all the rage but still nothing is worse than blue and green together (remember the song "blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between") or for that matter, pink and red.

Rock the stripes with patterns, lace with florals and leather with suede but beware of the fashion trends that scream "I'm too cool for school."

No matter how cool you may think it looks, your children will mock you in future years when they see said photos.

Today I am wearing San-Tan-Tonio by O.P.I.

Someone Like You

The power of music is often overwhelming and for me, nothing is more touching that when a song hits home for you and it reminds you of all that you love/miss/want/need/desire.

James Corden hosted the Brit Awards earlier this year and introduced Adele (we all know her from her hit 'Chasing Pavements').

Corden describes it so well when he says the following about Adele's song 'Someone Like You'.

"There is nothing quite like the feeling when you are listening to a song written by someone you don't know, who you've never met, who somehow manages to describe exactly how you felt at a particular moment in your life. If you've every had a broken heart, you are about to remember it now."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scrunchie what?!

While searching for the perfect fascinator or little hair accessory, I came across something quite disturbing. A fashion accessory so past cool that it was never even cool. Carrie puts it the best way by saying that no woman from New York would or should ever wear a scrunchie.

Ohhh and it's a sweet victory for us fashion ladies when the woman admits to Berger that she is in fact from Georgia. Poor Berger and his poorly researched book.

While searching for this races headwear I came across this disturbing item. SCRUNCHIES. For sale. In 2011. If you are desperate to purchase such scrunchies you can find them here.

For a replay of the cute, yet hysterical SATC scene watch it now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cue so pretty

Chu so pretty Cue. So feminine, so sweet, so perfect for work and completely affordable (considering aforementioned obsession with Shop Bop). Your 30% off email was also so enticing and got me out of bed to peek my inquisitive head around your store.

Alas, I could not resist and somehow ended up with a pretty amazing coat (it must be sensational because I do not have a coat collection unlike a certain friend who will remain nameless). But wait, I walked out with two bags. Meaning there was something in the other bag. A skirt AND a top.

Greedy? No! Just doing my part for the economy. Perfectly pretty for a party and suitably sensible for Sunday suppers out.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snuggle times

Nothing says snuggle time like a brand spanking new pair of sheets and a pretty doona. I did the ultimate of all ultimate betrayals and bought a quilt cover from the Marie Claire range. I was looking for something pretty, yet plain, cool yet something I would not get bored of quickly.

I can't find it online but it's a light grey with a floral pattern. It's edginess comes in white and grey colour blocking around the edges.

Even better? Coupled with the 500 thread count Sheridan sheets it is so super cozy and snuggly.

Besides getting out of bed to have lunch with the fam and put on my washing, I think I will stay put.

My room is getting a mini makeover so stay tuned for my next little project which will take a little more creativity that picking out a set of sheets.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Online shoparrhea

A year a go I would never have dared to put an item in my virtual shopping card and click checkout. Oh how things have changed. I am now an online shopping whore.

I fill my shopping carts more often that a mum of ten does at the supermarket. I'm constantly making that ticking number next to the shopping cart increase. Oh just a few more items won't hurt, right?

I'm flitting around on Shop Bop, Top Shop, Forever 21, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and any other international sites that will ship to Australia. I'm clicking this and enlarging that. All in the name of fashion, darling.

I need another pair of ballet flats and I definitely need another A-line skirt. A lady can never have too many shoes, bags or clothes. And bless a little thing called eBay when our closet gets too full.

I'm a master at this game now. And a game it is indeed. You need serious skill to know how to out smart another bidder and score that favourite item. It's like predicting the next move in scissors, paper, rock.

Tonight this happened beautifully when I won some killer heels I had been searching for, for probably a year. My excitement was met with confusion from my mother, all the while trying to give me her tips on how to win this item of choice.

If it wasn't for selling (and albeit buying a few things on eBay) I would never be able to afford for so many packages to arrive at my front door.

God bless modern technology and the power of spending hundreds of dollars in a single click.

Who moved my cheese?

If you are craving change or wondering what is next in your life you should read this little self help book I just finished. Okay, I hear ya saying "Self help book? Me? Please!"

But seriously, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson will completely change your outlook on any situation that you are struggling with. If it's work or family or friends, it's a little book of hope and inspiration.

The added bonus? It took me about an hour to read. Plus it's a cute little metaphorical story.

Thanks Lohie for making me feel inspired again.

If only...

Some superficial 'if only' points for today.
  • If only I could look as chic as Emma Watson does in her new ads for Lancôme.
  • If only I had a personal sushi chef that made me my favourite rolls each night for dinner. And miso soup, of course. 
  • If only my room would clean itself, my washing wash itself and my hair blow dry itself. 
  • If only I could cure my obsession with Shop Bop.
  • If only I could be as funny and cute as Mia Freedman is in her new book, Mia Culpa. Seriously rationing it out for fear of depression once reading is completed. 
  • If only I owned half of Gorman's clothing (now, if I said ALL that would no longer be superficial but unrealistic).
What are some things you are if only-ing about?

Public transport pet peeves

Excuse me, would you mind moving over? Apparently a lot of people do mind scootin' over on public transport.

Everyday I take a bus and train to work and the manners of the world in general often astounds me. On the bus each morning people sit in the middle of the seat and refuse to shuffle closer to the window and you are left perching in an odd position. Of course, it's even worse when bratty school kids won't stand up for elderly or pregnant women. Hello can you not see the sign on the bus window?

I then jump on the train to the city. I absolutely cringe when I am sitting on a three seater on the train and someone sits down on the aisle and then refuses to shuffle over when someone else wants to join our happy little party of three. What do they do? They stand up and let the new person sit in the middle. What's so exclusive about an aisle seat on the train? I personally hate it when people are standing next to you and their handbag swings and hits you in the head.

Hello mister. It's not like you get any extra leg room, are closer to the bathroom or there are free gifts for aisle seat occupants. And little miss, if your excuse is that you are getting off in two stops, well then stand in the bloody main part of the carriage!

Understandly when you spend 2+ hours a day experiencing the pettiness of Sydney commuters you decide to write a ranting blog about it.

What are your public transport pet peeves?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lucy Diamond

Imagine if you were named after a Beatles song.

Daddy, why does the snow flake? Because snow -- because snow flakes. Daddy, what is mustard made of? Because it's yellow ketchup. Daddy, why are men bald? Sometimes they're bald because their head is shiny...and they don't have hair on it. So their head is just more of their face. Daddy, are ladybugs only girls...or are there boys, too? And if there are, what are they called? Yeah, the Beatles.

Daddy, where does the sky end? Why does the moon follow me home? Why is the sun orange? Where does the hour go in Daylight Savings? Daddy, do I look more like you or Mommy? Daddy... Do you think she'll ever come back? Paul McCartney lost his mother when he was little. And John Lennon lost his mother when he was little.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The wish list

There have been a few things lately on what I like to call 'The List'. This is my ultimate wish list of things I convince myself that I need. Need as in I am desperate for and can't live without.

The items at the top lately are as follows; red ballet flats, a leopard skin bag, an amazing beige blazer and a dress for my uni graduation.

I managed to tick off the leopard bag a couple of weeks ago. The dress for graduation was found in Melbourne and fits like a glove, as if it was made especially for me.

The beige blazer may have to wait until Zara opens but I believe I found the perfect red ballets. One catch? They aren't available in my size online. So I may have to compromise and buy these instead.

Melbourne, I love you

Considering my travel to quite a few places overseas, it surprised people to know that I had never travelled to Melbourne. The bff Meredith was born there and thus the perfect tour guide for my first trip to the Garden State.

Last weekend we took a leisurely Friday off work and caught a 7.30am flight to Melbourne (getting up at 4.45am was so insanely enjoyable). First up we checked in at our amazing hotel (cue sarcasm). With goths galore, a druggie having a breakdown and a damp floor in our room it was all class. The best part was the price tag and for this I was willing to endure the seedy company to save dollars for shopping.

One of the greatest things about Melbourne are the little laneways that duck and connect each of the main streets. Even greater? The quaint little cafes and coffee shops. We started off our Friday morning with brunch, coffee and people watching at one of these red-cupped locations.

We then spent several hours in the hidden underground bargain stores that Meredith frequents when she visits her two older siblings and neices each Christmas. It was cheap Asian galore. A $6 skirt, $35 shoes and a little denim jacket that grew on all of us over time.

While M's mum hit the town with some friends she met on a cruise in Alaska last year, M and I made our way to Southbank for cocktails and dinner. Our chosen location? Nobu. We were desperate to go here in New York last year but somehow never made it to the Robert De Niro founded sushi joint. After Apchee martinis (yes, lychee and apple mixed together) we were seated at the sushi bar. Fresh salmon, crab and avocado rolls were made right in front of our eyes while wine was aplenty. A spin around The Crown Casino and some delicious gelato wrapped up a great night. Oh, and don't forget the amazing people outside our hotel as we got back to our fab digs.

Saturday was a morning of hash browns, peppermint tea, amazing coffee and M's favourite cafe's eggs benedict. We checked out a few more alley ways and found some amazing art. Energised, we began what turned out to be a massive mission to get to Bridge Rd. Trust that the weekend we are in Melbourne there was tram work. So two trams and a bus later we were ready for our next big shopping day. Treats from Country Road, Gorman and Wittner were on the list.

Dinner that night with Meredith's brother Leigh, his wife Lisa and two adorable girls Maddie and April rounded out a pretty great day. Minus Maddie being sick in the middle of the restaurant after enjoying a few too many calamari rings. Don't fret though, 20 mins later she was enjoying raspberry gelato.

Sunday started with rain and a hilarious Greek (no wait, "I'm Aussie," she insisted) cab driver on the way to Chapel St. More shoes, clothes and food galore we were very happy ladies despite the wetness that Melbourne always delivers.

After drinks in the afternoon with M's mum we were back at the airport by 8pm, exhausted and ready to head home. Let us not forget the hot boy that made us both blush. Somehow, although insanely tired we still managed to giggle half the way home on the flight. I discovered my talent for social commentary that made us laugh our pants off.

What an amazing weekend? I definitely fell hard for Melbourne. Can't wait for my next visit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goin' app crazy!

When I first got my iPhone I was so against apps. I just couldn't be bothered and really just wanted to use my phone for texting, email and calls.

However, a little birdy got me using the Facebook app. Next came Angry Birds and Bubble Shooter. Soon enough, I was obsessed with checking out the games section on iTunes.

New favourites include PocketBooth, Words and eBay.

Now Belle, Lohie and I are trying to think of a clever app that no one else has created yet. It's quite hard. Everyone it seems has capitalised on this invention and there is literally an app for everything.

While Apple can reject an app if they don't approve, there seriously isn't strict guidelines. Here are a few crazy ones: iFart, MyVibe, Pimple Popper and Poo Log. Trust me, I do not have any of these on my iPhone.

Our smart, creative and just generally amazing friends Harry and Tom thought of and actually created the BeScene app. It tells you all the great places to go out on the weekend in Sydney, what's going on and even lets you RSVP for events and get your name on the guestlist. Check it out.

What apps do you love? C'mon spur my addiction. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colourful Gucci gams

I'm all for the bright colours this season. Goodbye black, hello popping pretties! Camilla Belle looks amazing is this Gucci colour blocking outfit.

Citrus jackets are the next big thing. Olivia perfectly pairs it with plaid, Rachel with a flirty, fem dress and Camilla with gold Gucci and some seriously gorgeous gams.

Dare to brighten it up this Autumn?

A little leopard treat

Since buying my Marc Jacobs in NYC I have been averse to using any other bag. I literally take it with me everywhere. It fits a million things in it and often this becomes a burden. It is just SO big and literally TOO big to take with me on a night out.

Cue the search for a cute (and affordable) alternative.

I love to shop online. I discovered this cute little bag on F21 the other day and immediately had to have it. With a few extra things in my cart and popping in additional requests from Meredith it became even cheaper with sharing the shipping cost. Yay for shared online shopping.

Model mayhem

Once upon a time celebrities were simply movie stars. Now the celebrity status has extended to include that of the supermodel (or just models who are on the rise). 2011 is sure to be a massive year with these lovely ladies pulling in the big bucks from advertising, posing for the hottest magazines and dating some of the most eligible men on the planet.

Here's my wrap-up of who is hot for 2011.

This thick-browed young lady is in high demand. Discovered in her home town of Melbourne she has now walked in shows in London and Paris and is a sought after face. Her clients include Ksubi, Review, Myer, Cue and too many other brands to mention here. To top it off, she has been dating Ksubi's Dan Single for almost a year. Move over Pip Edwards.

With Australian stores amping it up due to the imminent arrival of Zara later this year, Portmans has bought in international face, Abbey-Lee. She's rocking a new blonde bob. Oh why do you ask? Because Karl Lagerfield told her to chop her locks and dye them platinum blonde. She's revealed nipple in Vogue, been in too many shows to count and is an Aussie to boot.

Louise Van De Vorst
Sigh! I am so over seeing this gal in Grazia every week. When she first came on the scene, this pixie faced cutie was a beloved fashion fiend. Now, with her relationship with Daniel Johns of Silverchair going steady, she seems to be taking the easy assignments. Put some passion in, I'd love to see her take a risk.

Lily Aldridge
This American beauty's first cover was Spanish Vogue. Amazing! In 2010 she became a Victoria's Secret Angel and put a ring on her finger with Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill. She's burning up the advertising world with campaigns for Rocawear, Coach and Levi's. Swoon.

Dempsey Stewart
This fresh faced Aussie beauty is not only dating super babe Jasper Seven, she's working with him too. I first noticed her when she appeared in a fashion shoot in Cleo with Jasper. The shoot shows them all loved up and now I know it's not just for the cameras. This Perth-born lady is a rising star for 2011.

Alexandra Agoston
Hailing from Sydney but spending most of her time in New York, this gal is known most recently for being the international face of Giorgio Armani. This beauty, who was discovered in Paris in 2004, is a regular on the David Jones catwalk for fashion week. 

Jess Hart
Blonde beach waves. Check. Legs for days. Check. Gap-toothed smile. Check. This gal seems to have it all. Splitting her time between NYC and Sydney she is a rock chick super model. With her own line sold at General Pants and fronting Seafolly's summer campaign, as well as just landing the Myer account, this girl's star only continues to shine. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Starting out as model, this lovely lady has now merged into the movie world. Currently filming the third Transformers movie as well as shooting the new Victoria's Secret campaign, she is one sort after gal. To add to the celebrity status, she is dating Jason Statham. 

Samantha Harris
This Aboriginal beauty was discovered by Kirstie Clements when she was just 14. Her career simmered in the background until she was put on the Vogue cover in June 2010. Hold your breath for her next big moment.

Who is your favourite model of 2011?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I heart you Sportsgirl

Dear Sportsgirl,

You are so pretty and shiny and new. You're funky and trendy and oh so bright and full of colours. You've got the latest trends for AW11 covered. It's all boots with socks, fur with grey marle, vintage jeans, knitted ponchos and capes galore. It's leather skirts (and shorts) and floppy hats, mesh sweaters and buckle totes.

I love that the inspiration is from the 70s. Bring back feathers and flower power and faded denim. Wide leg pants are so now and tartan galore. It's all about headbands and leopard pumps and mixing patterns like it's going out of style.

Your muses come from the best rockers of all time; David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Nancy Sinatra. Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right!

When it comes to accessories choose animal print and embellished necklaces. For beauty take your cues from the streets of Paris with Vanessa Paradis. Swing into the 60s with Edie Sedgewick, whose glamour inspired artist Andy Warhol.

I will be spending many lunch breaks in your store, many pay cheques on your clothes and many fun times in your designs.

Love your once again faithful Sportsgirl fan.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it a Facebook future?

Today at work the lovely Amy had us all in a little fit of giggles. We started asking "Is that really us?", "What if that's how we live our life in the future?" and "Would we want it to be that way?"

All these questions popped up after watching the below video.

It now begs the question, do we live our lives on Facebook? The short film shows the effect this social networking site is having on our lives. I guess the main question is are you living your life for online or are you living your life and just sharing parts of it online?

I think it's a frightening topic and with the prominence of Facebook constantly increasing it's becoming scarier and scarier.

Love or hate the video? Too confronting or simply the way of the future (or even the present)?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting creative in the kitchen

Years ago my mum used to make yummy rice paper rolls with all sorts of fillings. She hasn't made them in years so I decided to take up the task on Saturday.

I must say they turned out pretty well. There were lots left over and they must have been a hit because the ones I saved for Monday work lunch were gone by Sunday afternoon. This lead me to make another batch and even tweak the recipe a bit.

For those who want to play along and make them at home here are the ingredients and instructions.

1 pack of rice paper wraps (from the Asian section of the super market)
1 x pack of rice vermicelli
1 x iceberg lettuce
1 x pack of bean shoots
1 x leek
1 x chicken or pork mince
Soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce or any other yummy dipping sauce

Brown the chicken in the pan, add soy sauce and then leeks. Meanwhile, soak vermicelli noodles in hot water for 2 minutes and shred lettuce. Prepare a large square container and fill with boiling water. Dip rice paper in water for 30 seconds, lay on damp towel, fill with desired ingredients, roll up. Serve hot or cold with dipping sauce of choice. Voila!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Imagine if every week...

You had to think of a new fashion shoot idea. That's 52 fresh ideas a year.

Times that by approximately 50 (the number of items of clothing and accessories in any shoot) and that's a whole lot of creativity right there. Smack an amazing location every week on the top, plus choosing a model, makeup artist and photographer. Don't even get me started on the logistics of getting everything to the shoot and making sure all the right people turn up at the right time.

Some would say the finest shoots appear in the likes of Vogue but this year I am digging Grazia. Mark Vassalo and all his genius is intriguing. Two shoots recently captured my beady magazine hungry eyes.

The 'white shoot' also inspired me to finally purchase my Diana. Now if only I could take amazing photos like this.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simply perfect or perfectly snooze-worthy?

A lot of research proves that advertising on social networking sites is not effective. We hate seeing the ads down the sides and no one wants to become friends with a toothpaste brand or a dating site.

That said, something must be working for Mark Zuckerberg.

Working in advertising, I think clients have a misconception that their target audience likes to be inundated with products. False. We are on the site to communicate with friends.

I am however friends with a few brands or products. There are exceptions to every rule.

These include the amazing Mia Freedman from Mamamia (enough said), NYLON Magazine (super cool celeb videos and TV show suggestions), CLEO Magazine (get updated on all the hottest bachelors), Country Road (keep your finger on the pulse for the latest sales and discounts), Miranda Kerr (she's actually quite adorable and writes back to her fans plus virtual connection to Orlando Bloom), Channel V (for Bella) and I Love Magazines (the new ACP campaign which is beyond words can describe).

My favourite however is Forever 21. They have one little savvy writer on their Facebook. Every single status update makes me want to click on their online store and fill my virtual basket. They post gorgeous little outfit pictures with each status and I immediately run it through my head, "perfect for work", "perfect for play", "perfect just in general".

Some examples include:
  • Shopping is the new jogging. Go ahead, exercise your impulses.
  • A skirt is like a good Tweet: Long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to create interest…
  • Diamonds are nice, but we say handbags are a girl’s true best friend. This is one trend we’ve got (pun alert!) in the bag
  • ‘Fess up- what’s your number? (And by number, we mean how many pairs of shoes do you own?)
I went absolutely crazy in this store on my first night in NYC when my luggage was left behind in LA. Clothes, pyjamas, work out gear, underwear, accessories, bags. Everything you can think of they have covered. Shop online or check out their blog.

Once I was home and feeling NYC shopping-deprived, I did a huge online order and for 17 items it cost me $150 including shipping. Mix this with key pieces from Witchery, Sporty-G, Country Road, Zara, Top Shop and small boutiques in Balmain and Surry Hills. Amazing.

In the end, is having these brands on Facebook simply perfect or perfectly snooze-worthy?

Monday, January 17, 2011

To bikini or not to bikini?

That's the big question tonight. After spending the last 10 days in Bali surrounded by almost naked people it left me wondering about the world of bikinis and Facebook. While very different subjects they seem to slot quite well together considering the vain society that we live in.

Are you the kind of girl who willingly smiles for any camera, is happy to run around in her skimpy cozzie and play water polo with boys in barely nothing?

We stayed at an absolutely amazing resort with two insane pools. We spent most of our time at this one and laid out on the lounges for most of the day. I was 100% comfortable swimming in my cozzie, sitting at the tables by the pool in my cozzie and walked around the resort with nothing on but a little bit of Seafolly, Jets or Zimmermann.

It was heaven.

But for some people this would be hell. The body conscious who add sarongs or if you are even more shy wear a T-shirt or one of those funny cozzie bottoms which incorporate a skirt. I am not talking about larger women here. I am talking about people who have great bodies to my eyes but can't see it themselves or are too modest to show it off. Or perhaps it is someone who just has an average body and is willing to wear a skimpy bikini pool side but would never post the pictures online because it strays from her perfect prof pics.

So what's the connection with Facebook then? If I go on a holiday and am willing to strut around the pool in my bikini why wouldn't I be willing to post photos of me in my bikini on Facebook? I guess people like to create this persona on Facebook where they only post the most amazing photos of themselves. It shouldn't be called "Profile Pictures" but rather "Most Recent Hot Photos of Me".

I'm not fooling anyone (and neither are you), I have the body I have and if you are going to spend every moment of my life worrying about what others think as well as what you put in your mouth, not a single other thought will fit between your ears.

It's about loving what you have. Life is not about editing and manipulating our offline lives, online.

What's your take on the whole issue? 

Introducing Annie and Diana

Over the Christmas break, two pretty awesome events occurred. The first one was I finally dragged my lazy holiday self to the city, wandered down to The Rocks and paid my $15 to view a certain exhibition.

It's been talked about at work as Madison is a sponsor, there have been numerous articles in the newspapers and of course, all my pomo (post modern, thanks Ju Ju via Belle) friends have been talking about going to view this little bit of history. Also know as the Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life 1990–2005 exhibition.

About half the exhibition was of celebrities, all sorts of people from the media industry photographed on movie sets or around New York. Everyone from Jim Carrey and Chris Rock to the infamous portrait of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp.

The second one was that I finally bought myself a Diana Mini. I have been talking about getting one of these cameras for months. After taking endless photos in New York, I decided I should delve into dare I call it the backwards world of photography.

When I bought it home, my Dad examined my little gadget.

"But it's a digital camera, right?"

He couldn't believe that cameras with film were still being sold. Duh Dad, vintage in the new modern.

After taking a whole roll of film in Bali, I am dying to get it developed.

Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life 1990–2005 runs until March 27th.

The next big thing

This girl manages to walk the fine line between being irresistibly funny and devastatingly adorable. It's a fine line because if you are too funny you just become the next Adam Sandler and if you are too adorable no one will take you seriously.

With her natural fire engine hair (though now blonde for an upcoming role) and deep voice she is the epitome of cool.

And just like this girl I want John Hughes to direct my life.

Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80's movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80's movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. But no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life.

This is the girl that I predict will take 2011 by storm. All hail Emma Stone.

P.S. rent The Easy A

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years is so overrated...

This is what I say every year. It's such a crazy fight to get home if you go into the city to watch the fireworks, if you go to a bar you pay a horrendous price for the entry ticket and if you stay home alone, well that's just lame.

So this year Chinny had a little backyard session at her place in Newtown and it could not have been funner. Her lovely housemate Harry cooked us a BBQ and we drank punch and chilled out on couches in the sun. There may or may not have also been a sprinkler and some fairy wings made with umbrella tree branches and twine.

Now that's a fun New Years Eve!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 2010 2010 2010 2010

This has been a massive year for me. After Lohie and Belle wrapped up their years, I thought it only fitting that I do the same.

It was a huge year for me in terms of work. I started my first big-girl job and never realised it would be SO fun. Of course there is the mundane office tasks and staying back late to work on spreadsheets but there are definitely the fun perks like mingling with hotties at the Cleo Bachelor Party, frolicking with the beautiful people at the Ivy Pool for the Rio-themed Cleo Swim Party and lunches in Hyde Park with Lohie, Swifty, Belle and Chinny. Also had some pretty hard days at the office. The icing on the cake? My amazing intern Natalie, who is also a wonderful friend, made my Tuesdays each week a sneaky-laughing fit.

I ended a friendship that turned majorly sour and started up a few amazing ones. Sometimes I wonder what I did without one particular gal. Belle is a darling. We had such a fun year at work, away from work and campaigning for the Channel V competition

I spent the first 10 months of this year without a certain BBFFL and having him back for these past two months has been absolute bliss. Last week I was in an awful mood one night and bailed on dinner with friends (Rob included). After the dinner he drove over to my place and had me in hysterical fits of laughter. It's a true friend that understands when you really just need some alone time or a serious belly-laugh.

Fell in love with many too many pieces of clothing and spent way too many of my pennies on clothes. I believe I own about 15 white t-shirts. While they are less interesting purchases, it ensures my whites are always white. Damn, there is nothing worse that a shirt that has that nasty yellow tinge.

Went on an amazing trip to the States. Could not have asked for a better experience, weather or company. Absolute surreal walking around NYC with one of your best friends and chilling in Central Park on a hot day. Read the mc-massive wrap up here.

Finally finished uni. This is a HUGE achievement for me. While I was always a great student at school, I found uni really hard in that it wasn't disciplined and you had to make your own routine and really the teachers prefer if you don't show up half the time. Makes it much easier for them. Graduation will officially be April 13th next year. Me in a gown and hat, can't wait!

Splashed out on my first exxy handbag. I have never been a shoe gal but have always loved bags and matching them to different outfits, moods etc. While in Boston I bought an amazing Marc Jacobs bag and have never regretted once laying down the cash for my everyday companion.

Became obsessed with the my own personal fash pack - Alexa Chung, Erin Wasson, Abbey Lee, Alexandra Agoston, Olivia Palermo, Emily Blunt, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie.

Read more magazines than one might touch in a lifetime. While most of this was in the name of work and even though I spend all day surrounded by them, I still love to devour them for half the weekend laying poolside.

Never cottoned on to the bring your lunch from home routine. Even though I have been working full-time for over a year now, I never really packed my lunch. Unless my mum dished me up leftovers from the night before, I am not the kinda gal that will get up early to make a salad or a sambo. It's my daily treat to buy something yummy for lunch.

It's the best feeling when you introduce two of your best friends and they get along like a house on fire. Bella met Rob at his farewell in early January 2010. This would be the one and only time they met in Oz. He then moved to London for the year and during Bella's European summer travels they met up and had an absolute blast. I know some people like to keep their worlds separate and not mix friends, but I absolutely love it when two people you love so much apart, fit perfectly together.

Realised I have more allergies that I thought possible. I have always been allergic to eggs and dairy but towards the end of this year, I also discovered that I am wheat/gluten intolerant. And trust me, wheat is in everything! I now eat bread and pasta made form rice or corn. Yummy. No more cookies, cup cakes or donuts for me.

Started my blog. I had been wanting to start a blog for a long time and finally pulled up my socks and took a byte from the cookie and did it. Some days I only have 5 viewers and other days you get 300+. Regardless, it's more for me and my writing skills and the extra viewers that want to come along for the ride is just a bonus.

So thanks to all who have read my blog this year. Please feel free to comment more. I love to hear from you and if you like/don't like what I am rambling on about.

Here are my favourite piccies of 2010. Happy 2011!!