Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simply perfect or perfectly snooze-worthy?

A lot of research proves that advertising on social networking sites is not effective. We hate seeing the ads down the sides and no one wants to become friends with a toothpaste brand or a dating site.

That said, something must be working for Mark Zuckerberg.

Working in advertising, I think clients have a misconception that their target audience likes to be inundated with products. False. We are on the site to communicate with friends.

I am however friends with a few brands or products. There are exceptions to every rule.

These include the amazing Mia Freedman from Mamamia (enough said), NYLON Magazine (super cool celeb videos and TV show suggestions), CLEO Magazine (get updated on all the hottest bachelors), Country Road (keep your finger on the pulse for the latest sales and discounts), Miranda Kerr (she's actually quite adorable and writes back to her fans plus virtual connection to Orlando Bloom), Channel V (for Bella) and I Love Magazines (the new ACP campaign which is beyond words can describe).

My favourite however is Forever 21. They have one little savvy writer on their Facebook. Every single status update makes me want to click on their online store and fill my virtual basket. They post gorgeous little outfit pictures with each status and I immediately run it through my head, "perfect for work", "perfect for play", "perfect just in general".

Some examples include:
  • Shopping is the new jogging. Go ahead, exercise your impulses.
  • A skirt is like a good Tweet: Long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to create interest…
  • Diamonds are nice, but we say handbags are a girl’s true best friend. This is one trend we’ve got (pun alert!) in the bag
  • ‘Fess up- what’s your number? (And by number, we mean how many pairs of shoes do you own?)
I went absolutely crazy in this store on my first night in NYC when my luggage was left behind in LA. Clothes, pyjamas, work out gear, underwear, accessories, bags. Everything you can think of they have covered. Shop online or check out their blog.

Once I was home and feeling NYC shopping-deprived, I did a huge online order and for 17 items it cost me $150 including shipping. Mix this with key pieces from Witchery, Sporty-G, Country Road, Zara, Top Shop and small boutiques in Balmain and Surry Hills. Amazing.

In the end, is having these brands on Facebook simply perfect or perfectly snooze-worthy?

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