Sunday, January 2, 2011

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This has been a massive year for me. After Lohie and Belle wrapped up their years, I thought it only fitting that I do the same.

It was a huge year for me in terms of work. I started my first big-girl job and never realised it would be SO fun. Of course there is the mundane office tasks and staying back late to work on spreadsheets but there are definitely the fun perks like mingling with hotties at the Cleo Bachelor Party, frolicking with the beautiful people at the Ivy Pool for the Rio-themed Cleo Swim Party and lunches in Hyde Park with Lohie, Swifty, Belle and Chinny. Also had some pretty hard days at the office. The icing on the cake? My amazing intern Natalie, who is also a wonderful friend, made my Tuesdays each week a sneaky-laughing fit.

I ended a friendship that turned majorly sour and started up a few amazing ones. Sometimes I wonder what I did without one particular gal. Belle is a darling. We had such a fun year at work, away from work and campaigning for the Channel V competition

I spent the first 10 months of this year without a certain BBFFL and having him back for these past two months has been absolute bliss. Last week I was in an awful mood one night and bailed on dinner with friends (Rob included). After the dinner he drove over to my place and had me in hysterical fits of laughter. It's a true friend that understands when you really just need some alone time or a serious belly-laugh.

Fell in love with many too many pieces of clothing and spent way too many of my pennies on clothes. I believe I own about 15 white t-shirts. While they are less interesting purchases, it ensures my whites are always white. Damn, there is nothing worse that a shirt that has that nasty yellow tinge.

Went on an amazing trip to the States. Could not have asked for a better experience, weather or company. Absolute surreal walking around NYC with one of your best friends and chilling in Central Park on a hot day. Read the mc-massive wrap up here.

Finally finished uni. This is a HUGE achievement for me. While I was always a great student at school, I found uni really hard in that it wasn't disciplined and you had to make your own routine and really the teachers prefer if you don't show up half the time. Makes it much easier for them. Graduation will officially be April 13th next year. Me in a gown and hat, can't wait!

Splashed out on my first exxy handbag. I have never been a shoe gal but have always loved bags and matching them to different outfits, moods etc. While in Boston I bought an amazing Marc Jacobs bag and have never regretted once laying down the cash for my everyday companion.

Became obsessed with the my own personal fash pack - Alexa Chung, Erin Wasson, Abbey Lee, Alexandra Agoston, Olivia Palermo, Emily Blunt, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie.

Read more magazines than one might touch in a lifetime. While most of this was in the name of work and even though I spend all day surrounded by them, I still love to devour them for half the weekend laying poolside.

Never cottoned on to the bring your lunch from home routine. Even though I have been working full-time for over a year now, I never really packed my lunch. Unless my mum dished me up leftovers from the night before, I am not the kinda gal that will get up early to make a salad or a sambo. It's my daily treat to buy something yummy for lunch.

It's the best feeling when you introduce two of your best friends and they get along like a house on fire. Bella met Rob at his farewell in early January 2010. This would be the one and only time they met in Oz. He then moved to London for the year and during Bella's European summer travels they met up and had an absolute blast. I know some people like to keep their worlds separate and not mix friends, but I absolutely love it when two people you love so much apart, fit perfectly together.

Realised I have more allergies that I thought possible. I have always been allergic to eggs and dairy but towards the end of this year, I also discovered that I am wheat/gluten intolerant. And trust me, wheat is in everything! I now eat bread and pasta made form rice or corn. Yummy. No more cookies, cup cakes or donuts for me.

Started my blog. I had been wanting to start a blog for a long time and finally pulled up my socks and took a byte from the cookie and did it. Some days I only have 5 viewers and other days you get 300+. Regardless, it's more for me and my writing skills and the extra viewers that want to come along for the ride is just a bonus.

So thanks to all who have read my blog this year. Please feel free to comment more. I love to hear from you and if you like/don't like what I am rambling on about.

Here are my favourite piccies of 2010. Happy 2011!!

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