Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Movie making magic

I'm a self-confessed Apple-aholic. When the iPod touch came out, I had to have it. When the new Macbook came out, I had to have it. When the iPhone 4 came out, I had to have it. Alas though, my obsession has been reigned in a little and I did not go all out and purchase an iPad.

But trust me, once you go Mac you'll never go back. I loathe using a PC at work and love coming home to the simplicity and speed of my Mac baby.

I'm a bit of a pro with iPhoto and have recently started exploring iMovie. This past weekend Belle and I had a fun little shoot at the work photo studios for her Channel V campaign. I took my Canon along and filmed a few little parts of the day. An hour of bliss with my Mac baby later and this is the result.

Make a movie, I dare ya!

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