Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Lately at work, among the coordinator emails requesting what is for lunch, there is a common theme occurring. Everyone seems to be obsessed with LOLCats.

Some of you might know one of the most famous ones..."I can has cheezburger?"

But they are all absolutely hysterical. Some that have circulated the coordinator emails between Belle, Chinny, Loh and Swifty include ones about being tired, hungry, bored, annoyed and the list goes on. 

You must say it in the silly accent with lots of zzzzs. 

They get me giggling at my desk and everyone in my office wants in on my silly jokes. 

A certain boss of one of the girls even walked past and exclaimed, "what is with the cat?!"

Belle now tells me there is a LOLcats book and she almost peed herself when her dear sis, Ed and her went through it for the first time. 

I'm excited. I'm buying this book tomorrow. Better take a change of underwear to work. 

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