Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belle, you are a darling

She's the kind of gal you can lean on. The kind who you can call at any time, during any moment, for any reason. She is sweet and kind and crazy and beautiful all at once. Like any girl out there, she is insecure about love and wonderful in life and scared of having her heartbroken.

She's nowhere near a typical gal but that's why I love her.

We met because we both are slackers when it comes to driving. Well not really. We met when we had to do a forced social activity of introducing the person next to us in a random uni class. Turned out she had just gotten her Ps and I was yet to even go for my Ls.

She gets crushed at the fact that something has crushed me. She feels what I feel and cries when I cry. She is the kind of amazing person that you could only hope to raise your own child to be.

She is a talented writer and a witty personality and a sassy, sensational person. She is achingly beautiful both inside and out.

I am so blessed to be able to see her five days a week. We work together and are each other's rocks. I comfort her in the stairs when she cries and she gives me great bear hugs when it all becomes too much.

We both secretly plan when to leave work together to catch the train home as it's our one time to vent and have a debrief from the day.

I honestly don't know what I will do when we go our separate ways and get new jobs. Or maybe we will stay working together forever. Otherwise, I think we will have to live together so we can get our daily fix.

Who said you need drugs to feel high? When you have friends in your life that are this much of a pleasure to be a around life can be no sweeter.

And with that, pick yourself up a Frankie this month and read the Best Friends Forever article. This article inspired this piece as well as a blog at Lowbrow Hoo-ha. It might just inspire you to tell those special friends in your life just how amazing they are.

Belle, you are a darling.

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  1. Ruff, ruff, ruff Shollis! Gave me the warm fuzzies x a trillion billion!

    I think people honestly think we're dating and I love it!