Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashion faux pas? Socks and heels

I often find with super out there trends that I will pay them out for a long time and then once everyone is doing it, jump on the bandwagon. Most people wouldn't like to admit this.

However, this one is a trend I will never follow. Socks and heels just don't go together. Yes, it may look super cool in editorial but very few people can pull off this super cool look unless you belong in a magazine's fashion cupboard.

Socks belong with my little man shoes but not high heels.

It's as weird as seeing my old Croatian neighbour Olivu walking around in knee-high socks and Nike slides while watering his lawn. Oh the good old days.

Will you be teetering on the edge of this trend?

Send a gal to Canada

Shameless promotion for Lowbrow Hoo-ha's Bella will continue until we get our girl on one of the Channel V trips.

Visit her blog and send our gal to Canada.

Dress yourself the night before

I have resolved to pick out my outfit for each day this week the night before. Yesterday morning I showed up with my hair in a huge pink clip (clip looks like it belongs to five year old, not even sure why I own it) and no makeup on because I had taken twenty minutes to choose my outfit.

Yes the outfit was quite cool. Black skirt with cord tie, navy singlet and sheer roll up top overlaid.

However, I figure if I can choose my outfit the night before I can just whip it on in the morning and look complete at work first thing rather than having to dash to the bathroom to apply bronzer and mascara.

I refuse to become one of those people who puts their make-up on on the train. So painful watching them trying to apply mascara and then stabbing themselves in the eye.

And today it worked. I had my white shirt ironed and my skirt laid out on the floor with shoes. Amazing. Ready in twenty minutes, even managed a little sneaky sleep in and arrived to work with not a hair out of place and even a full face of make up.

Now if only my wardrobe resembled Alexa Chung's.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lusting for Love Ballerinas by YSL

Tiff Loh, you just started an obsession. I feel I need these shoes in every colour. I'll keep dreaming.

Yes, I just judged you

Biggest pet peeve ever? People who can't tell the difference between the correct spelling of words and their meanings.

It may sound dramatic but I cringe when I receive emails like this.

"Hi Shannon. Hope your well."

Huge mistake. I immediately have judged you.

Or even simple things like forgetting the apostrophe in "it's such a nice day" gets me fired up.

Worse still, "can you please order some more sticky tape because their isn't any left?"

Please just proof read your emails. It takes 30 seconds and will save you a lot of humiliation in the long run because trust me, I am not the only one who feels this way about grammar.

What are your pet peeves?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I love, Love Hearts

I love rediscovering lollies that you ate as a child. While in Woolies on Sat doing some groceries, I came across Love Hearts.

They say cute little things like cherie, you're cool, love smart, gotcha, try me, my dear, sugar lips, you flirt and kiss me.

What lollies do you love from your childhood?

Sunday snuggles

Snuggly Sundays are the bomb. While I was a little disappointed when I woke to rain this morning I couldn't help doing a little 'yippee' at the thought of a snuggly Sunday. The trip to Balmoral was off and I whipped out my comfiest snuggling clothes.

A sleepy and hungover Rob enjoyed chilling out on the couch with me.

The menu included; Step Brothers, Stardust, nachos, green apple slushy thing that Rob made, banana cake that I baked and snuggles under musty blankets we found in my rumpus room.

How did you spend your Sunday?

New York Heaven

100 reasons why New York City is amazing and I just HAVE to live there at some point in the very near future.

1. That feeling when you are riding in your first yellow cab from the airport. Every window is down and the air conditioning is blasting because it's August and the heat in unbearable. All you say is 'woah' (x 1000) on the way to your hotel).
2. You can walk EVERYWHERE.
3. The food. Amazing. Beyond words.
4. Dean & Deluca - the best iced tea to cool you down on a NY scorcher.
5. Sidewalk carts selling nuts. I was too scared to eat them but they smelt amazing.
6. Old grandpa telling you that the only sweet thing he like is girls. Ok, a bit creepy.
7. White fluffy robes at hotels.
8. Shopping.
9. Shopping.
10. Shopping.
11. Watching Bonnie and Clyde and eating Chipotle at the HBO Summer Film Festival in Bryant Park.
12. Getting absolutely soaked in Central Park. Can see car approaching. Start screaming "no don't, there's a puddle." Suddenly, Shannon is soaked.
13. The MET. Rooftop bar and view of the park is the best in the city.
14. The fat guy sleeping outside the Guggenheim.
15. Magnolia Bakery. Cupcakes. Amazing. Delicious.
16. Marc Jacobs in Boston and my new baby.
17. Victoria's Secret. Have never been so mesmerised by a store.
18. H&M.
19. Top Shop
20. Zara - and visiting 6 of the 7 Zaras in NYC.
21. Buying my mum a Marc Jacobs bag.
22. Top Shop. Heaven has 3 levels on Broadway and Broome.
23. Duke's cafe in Soho. Most delicious toasted sandy ever.
24. Starbucks frappaucinos on a 100 degree NYC day.
25. The view from the top of the Empire State Building.
26. Pinching yourself every day and reminding your best friend that we will never be 21 and in NYC with our best friend again.
27. Harvard. And Harvard t-shirts. And there being two dorms called 'Shannon' and 'Hollis'.
28. Sunbaking on the Charles River in Boston.
29. Swan Boats in Boston.
30. Show and tell every day.
31. Marriage proposals.
32. Bell boys that hail cabs for you.
33. Chop't.
34. Lunch at The Boathouse.
35. Stumbling upon The Palace.
36. Carrie's stoop.
37. Bleeker St.
38. Pinkberry.
39. Shopping at Forever 21 until midnight.
40. Times Square - crazy, beautiful.
41. Going hungover to a diner...that turns out to have singing wait staff.
42. Finally meeting Sarah from People.com/Celebrity Baby Blog.
43. Gansevort rooftop bar.
44. Paul Dempsey at JFK.
45. Becoming a pro at using $1 notes and non-coloured money.
46. Fresh fruit and croissants for breakfast every day.
47. New York City Library.
48. Never getting sick of being with your best friend.
49. Lunch at The Plaza.
50. Drunk bridesmaid at The Plaza.
51. Red Marc Jacobs jacket.
52. Wall St.
53. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain.
54. Bloomingdales.
55. Pushing through the jet lag.
56. Gigantic pizzas.
57. Beer and hotdogs at Yankees game.
58. Entertainers on subway.
59. Frequency of subway.
60. Never eating Maccas in NYC.
61. NYC paraphernalia everywhere.
62. How cheap cabs are.
63. Walking around at night simply to walk and watch.
64. Always feeling safe.
65. The effects of 'free-pouring'.
66. Meeting a guy from Canberra.
67. Climbing 200 stairs up the Statue of Liberty.
68. Arriving for the Statue of Liberty a day early and convincing the lady to let us board the ferry.
69. Never realising how emotional Ground Zero would be.
70. Hot police officers.
71. The smell of Abercrombie and Fitch.
72. Male model you could have photo with at Abercrombie and Fitch.
73. Buying something from Tiffany's on 5th Avenue.
74. Watching baseball in Central Park.
75. Devouring American magazines in Borders.
76. Fresh lemonade in Back Bay.
78. The pasta at Pappa-razzi in Boston.
79. Jumping high at the 'Sound of Music' fountain.
80. Packing when you move to the next location. Bittersweet.
81. The New York Times building.
82. Century 21.
83. Red NYC tour buses - though I never went on one.
84. Standing in the Financial District and looking north to see Central Park in the distance.
85. The white man at traffic lights.
86. How easily you know where you are because they label their streets in the simplest way. Catch on Oz?
87. The markets in Soho.
88. Buskers.
89. M&M store.
90. Grand Central Station.
91. The houses on Park Avenue.
92. The amazingly designed Louis Vuitton store.
93. Old men playing chess.
94. SUVs.
95. Two old ladies in City Hall Park.
96. Finally finding Manolo Blahnik.
97. The Bull.
98. Battery Park.
99. Dinner at Tanuki Tavern.
100. The LOVE sign.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

One of the new features on Facebook that I actually like...

There have been so many bloody changes to Facebook lately. One which I genuinely like and that has provided me with some decent entertainment is 'Photos of XXX' on the right hand side of the page.

So many old school pics of people pop up showcasing how cool we used to think we were three years ago. I think they would kill me if I posted them on here. So here is a pic of me that makes me laugh every time. How did the fish face pose become so popular in 2007?

Spotted: Shetland ponies on Oxford St

Last night while wandering along Oxford St we immediately crossed the road after spotting something quite remarkable.

Not one, not two, but three Shetland ponies.

They even had circus conductors holding their leads.

The reason? All for the Circus-themed Nova 96.9 Christmas party.

I wonder if our Christmas party will be that crazy!

Don't walk on by

He stands there with his red vest on and tripod with tin can swinging back and forth. It clinks each time a coin is dropped in and rattles with the wind. I retrieve a handful of coins from my wallet and drop each one in the slot. Clang, clang, clang. The man then offers me a flyer and I take it, bidding him a nice day and head into work.

At lunch my companion drops some coins in the tin can and the man thanks her.

Others just walk on by. Their instincts don't scream out like mine did. They don't tell them to take out their wallet and help those in need. A few coins, a small pink note, anything that can help those who are struggling.

And then at the cinema today, an ad comes on for The Salvation Army. More than 6,000 children will be bullied this Christmas for being poor and not having the same possessions as their friends.

It got me thinking about all those people who just walked on by that man in the city recently. Next time you see a Salvation Army collector, I hope you don't look at your phone and pretend you are too important to care.

A party with mini golf, oh my!

Last night the coordinator posse from work got together for a fun-filled night.

We rendezvoused at the Cleo office and had a few beverages, some sweet tunes and chit-chat. At the recommendation of Tiff Loh we headed to Low 302 to meet up with some of Chinny's boys.

Besides the disgustingly loud singer, if you could call her that, it was a pretty sweet location. Snacks were yummy and the wine was flowing. We even ran into the wonderful Inga, Ju Ju, Braz and Pat.

Chinny then got us on the list (cringe!) for the Puma Social launch party. In a crazy warehouse there was traditional hot dogs, free drinks and wait for it, nine Puma mini golf holes. Some of the cool names of the holes included "The Clock Block" and "Walk of Shame".

What a fun night?! Thanks to Bella, Chinny, Tiff Loh, Jade, Maz and the various boys involved (thanks via Chinny).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hard day at the office

Today, the Rip Curl team treated a few girls from work to surfing lessons at Manly beach. The weather was amazing as we heaved and hoed to get ourselves either into wet suits or skin tight rashies.

What I have always wondered about surfing lessons is whether they really teach you the basics on the sand like they do in the movies. Alas people, I can attest that it's true. With our beyond massive boards (the better you are, the smaller sized board you were rewarded with) we practiced our 1, 2, 3 paddle stroke before popping up to take our stance.

I also now understand the importance of rips. Basically, with surfing you use them to drag you out to sea so you don't have to paddle too hard. Then swim across and catch the waves in between the rips.

While I only managed to stand up properly once, once is once and I can officially say I have surfed.

The best part was after I had been dumped about three times and this random hottie came up and offered to push me on to a wave. Of course, it's massive and I end up getting dumped after I try to stand up. Oh and did I tell you he ended up being some pro surfer?

Regardless, I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day away from the office.

Also - check out the blog about our day at Dolly.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Totes made a video yesterday, no biggie

Since getting my Mac baby at the start of the year, I love to play around with all the little features. The best program I have discovered of late is iMovie. I never knew it could be SO simple to create your own little home-made movies.

A perfect excuse popped up this weekend to hone my iMovie skills. Bella is entering the Channel V B430 competition and we thought, 'hey, why don't we make a campaign video?' Yes, a campaign video. Maybe a little extreme, but fun all the same.

So we got to work. Suddenly, we were writing on bread with tomato sauce and filming clips of her little brother's friends.

You can watch it here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

C'mon Mr Postman, where is my Forever 21 package?

Two weeks ago I filled my Forever 21 virtual shopping cart with 17 items and very naughtily pressed checkout. Ever since, after work when I arrive home I am like a small child waiting for the Easter Bunny or Santas Claus.

When oh when will you arrive dear package?

I am dying to tear you open and wear all the pretty things inside. I wasn't too self-indulgent and even managed to pick a few Christmas gifts.

C'mon Mr Postman, will you surprise me tomorrow?

You know something's wrong when even Oprah rejects you

It seems that every bloody person out there is blogging or talking or writing about Oprah coming to Oz. Also like a million other people out there I signed up to Oprah's website, set up an account and eventually registered for tickets to her two shows at the Opera House in December.

I musn't have been wearing my lucky shoes that day because what do you know, I get two rejection letters from Oprah on the same day. I'm feeling pretty down, you know you don't get rejected by Oprah every day. Then BAM! Along comes a third email re-confirming my rejection. Just in case I thought an email that said I was rejected meant I really had won two tickets.

Boo Oprah, I still love ya but why oh why couldn't you have just given me one measly ticket.

Do you need a shoe shiner for the day? Would be more than willing to take this role. Unpaid, of course.

Fashion faux pas? High-waisted bikini bottoms

Last Sunday, I enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Balmoral Beach with a few friends. Of course, at the top of the list next to sun baking and doing dolphin dives, was people watching. We checked out guys, made fun of a lady with a rain umbrella (note: not a beach umbrella) and then typically, checked out the female swim wear for glimpses of trends for the new season.

The most surprising thing I noticed was a girl with VERY high-waisted bikini bottoms. Of course, we have all seen them in high fashion mags but I was almost shocked to see them in the flesh, right there in front of me.

This got me to thinking about bikinis. How awkward is bikini shopping? You need a supportive friend to take on this retail adventure. If you have big boobs you need the right support up top, or the right bottoms to avoid a mini muffin top. Then there are a million styles, colours and prints. Eeek.

Even more awkward is when you have to keep your underwear on. Yes, it is gross to take it off but when in your life are you going to wear silk undies with your Zimmermann micro-bikini.

It's all about feeling great and confident in what you buy, otherwise how will you strut to the water edge and dive in without a care in the world.

Like a theory for good shoes, even if you try on a bikini in July and it's a perfect match for your pasty white body, buy it!!

I loved rocking my new army green Witchery bikini last weekend at the beach. And the ultimate cover up...a breezy maxi dress.

Hi summer, please come back and warm up my days.

Sexiest Man Alive

People Magazine has just announced their list for Sexiest Man Alive 2010. And the winner is....Ryan Reynolds!

Who would you pick as the sexiest man alive, famous or not?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who isn't a pop culture addict?

Put your hand up if you are not a pop culture addict?

It seems these days that there aren't many people out there that aren't 100% obsessed with technology and pop culture and all that it implies. We are all Tweeting, writing on people's walls, watching The Social Network, downloading apps on our iPad, podcasting, reading books on screens instead of paper. The list goes on and is not defined or limited.

Since finishing up uni a few weeks ago, I have to admit I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself in my free time. I no longer have to trowel through thick course readers, research public relations methods or write long-winded essays that I will never refer to again in my career.

I am free. Free to indulge in pop culture even more so than before. Or perhaps just with less guilt.

The best part so far has been the freedom at night and on the weekends. The freedom to start this blog and to read or watch or absorb as much media around me as possible. I don't just love reading the paper. I obviously also dig magazines, watch all sorts of videos on YouTube, read other blogs, scourer websites for any goss or news I should add to the memory bank for future useless fact recalling.

Here is a list of some books I have read/am reading lately, blogs I enjoy perusing and websites that are all on favourites bar.

Are you a pop-culture addict? If so, what makes your fingers twitch?

The lunch debacle

Without fail a certain someone and I have lunch together every day. We used to have our fave locations like the laksa/wonton place, sandwich shops with amazing combos, yummy rolls or pasta from David Jones, fruit salad or sushi train. 

After working in the city for a year, lunch times have come to a stand still. The sushi train has closed, we are sick of our mundane sandwich combos and soup just isn't right for this balmy weather. 

We are over all the regular places and find ourselves debating over where we should eat in order to have something with 'lots of flavour', as the certain someone puts it. 

Some of you may be thinking, 'big deal, it's just lunch.' But it's our thing. Our entertainment for the day where we catch up on all things important, or that could be possibly important to two girls who work at the bottom of the office food chain. 

When it's sunny sometimes we visit the park with two of our work friends. Then the rituals continue. Must bring bright, branded rug from work. Must perve on all passers-by. Must eat Gaytime. 

It's a huge cycle. Before we know it, we are back eating the same sandwich, at the same shop, in the same food court.

I won't even start on the fact that we should not be buying our lunch every day. 

Any good suggestions of where to eat in the city?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh baby, oh baby!

After this image went viral on the internet over the past week, we have all been holding our breath waiting to see if an Australian magazine would pick up the images of Miranda Kerr pregnant and naked from US W magazine.

Alas, no one has. However, the beautiful Miranda has been shot in an array of designer gowns including Alex Perry for Vogue Australia's January issue. The first ever pregnant super model to appear on the cover of Australian Vogue, it's a shoe-in as a news stand hit. 

Blessed with crazy genes the Kerr-Bloom/Morly/Koom baby will definitely be a mini-model in the making. Until we catch a glimpse of that beautiful babe, the sure to be stunning Vogue shoot of Miranda will have to do. Now if only Orly would make a guest appearance. Amazing.

Pick up your copy on Dec 1st. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

That Sunday night feeling

You know that feeling you get on a Sunday where you have the whole day to yourself, and it's been great? Then suddenly you remember, or someone reminds you, that you have to go to work tomorrow and the day is ruined. All you can think about is the next day and what will happen or not happen. I love when you have such an amazing day that there isn't time to talk of Sunday ending. With that, here is the weekend wrap up that ended amazingly on a Sunday evening with no hint of sadness at returning to nine to five working days. 

  • Start blog
  • Post blogs
  • Lay by pool listening to Birds of Tokyo
  • Finish a great book
  • Catch up with old friends 
  • Play pool
  • Drive (Sega) racing cars
  • Drink Strongbow
  • Read newspaper
  • Balmoral beach
  • Bottom of the Harbour
  • The Social Network
  • Paint nails
  • Wash salt from hair and skin
  • Chupa Chups

How did you spend your weekend?

The politics of X

About a month ago Sunday Life published an article titled The politics of the office 'kiss'. Recent emails with a couple of different people has led me back to pondering this controversial topic.

The very clever take on office sign-off antics is a odd but relevant subject for most of us to consider.

In my opinion, X's should not be added to emails like full stops. They should be rarely used, if at all. A kiss received from a colleague who rarely uses them is a true reflection of work well done.

But if you go around handing out kisses all willy-nilly how do you really show your appreciation? With 10 kisses instead of simply one X?

I think people believe that no matter what they write, if they put an X on the end, all is forgiven. It's like as a high school student you might say, "I don't like your top, no offence."

It's a superficial and in most cases unnecessary addition to emails. I will definitely be using X's with even more rarity than usual.

What's your stance on the X?

Secret reading obsessions

We all have those sneaky rituals that we engage in on a regular basis. One of my secret Sunday obsessions is reading the Domain section of The Sydney Morning Herald. I love to snoop all the houses for sale and see if any celeb homes are up for sale, even though I could never afford any of them.

Some weekends I also venture into other parts of the paper. Traveller caught my eye this morning with the front page titled 'Baby steps in Bali'. I'm off to Bali for 10 days in January, so was quite excited to read this one.

I can't wait to stay at the Padma Resort, go to Rock Bar for dinner and drinks and snorkel near Tejakulla village.

If my Dad picks up The Sun Herald, I also enjoy a flick through Sunday Life and checking out what Mia Freedman has to say for the week.

What are some of your secret reading obsessions?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The prodigal bbffl returns

Fellow blogger Rob (from Post-Norman Tongue) is my prodigal bbfl (best boy friend for life).

He recently spent ten months based in London and travelling around Europe. You can catch up on assorted adventures at his blog.

We exchanged emails, had Skype sessions and even sent hand written cards trans-Atlantic when I was in New York. He played with my friends in London and I lived vicariously through them all.

While I was so proud of him living it up all alone in the big wide world, I can't say I am not happy to have him home. I can now call him to vent whenever I please, or beg him to drive me somewhere in his 'blue boi' car.

In a few weeks he will be moving two doors up from one of my best friends, Meredith. Damn, I wish I lived on Exclesior Rd in Mount Colah right now.

For one of our first outings out, Bella and I dragged Rob along to a Halloween Party at a work friend's place in Surry Hills. Rob was a lifeguard (repeat costume from London party) and Bella and I were school nerds.

On the way home in the cab, a sleepy Bella woke up from her haze screaming "where's ROB?!"

It felt so sweet to be able to cooly respond, "right here, next to me!"

Damn, it's good to have him back.

Eye heart choo, Rob.

This is us snuggling on 31.10.10.

From where I'd rather be

Sun baking on the wharf at Charles River, Boston.

Zara Schmara

I love wearing the Zara clothes I picked up in NYC. Mainly because no one can run out and purchase said items after they compliment me and do the generic "oooh where's that from?"

They are special and exclusive.

With the announcement that Zara is opening in Sydney Westfield in April 2011, my heart in torn. Will I still love Zara as much or will it become as generic and common as (still always faithful) Sporty-g?

I know I will run in there the first week that it opens and snap up as many things as my credit card will allow.

Working in the magazine industry, a fashion show in itself, I feel that Zara will be making some serious regular cast appearances.

Eye Heart Choo

When one starts a blog, there is that constant grueling decision lurking in the back of our minds.

This question is, "what should I call my blog?"

Essentially the name you choose should reflect the content you are producing and/or something about yourself. Bella and I texted, emailed, spoke on the phone and deliberated at lunch over what I should name my blog.

In the end, I Heart Chu won. But alas, the name was not available. Yo, it's Erin from 2006 owns this URL.

So, Eye Heart Choo is born. Please hold for appropriate logo.

The name stems from the language that bffl Bella and I engage in, including sometimes sneaky email sign offs at work. It's all Russian accents, silly words and shameless personal jokes.

What is your blog called and why?

Hello world, it's me

I have tossed up the pros and cons of starting my own blog for a considerable amount of time.

Here are the pros: work on my writing skills, flesh out ideas and thoughts which are constantly circulating in my head, share photos and stories of travel, work and frankly put, life.

However, there seemed to be so many cons and maybe that is why I have taken so long to actually get this up and going.

Is blogging just a form of shameless self-promotion? Should I simply keep a diary instead? Will readers think my topics irrelevant and indulgent?

It seems there are no right answers to these questions. The bloggers I know do so, simply because they enjoy it.

So here is to taking the giant leap into the blogosphere. Welcome to Eye Heart Choo.

What are your thoughts on bloggers?