Thursday, November 18, 2010

You know something's wrong when even Oprah rejects you

It seems that every bloody person out there is blogging or talking or writing about Oprah coming to Oz. Also like a million other people out there I signed up to Oprah's website, set up an account and eventually registered for tickets to her two shows at the Opera House in December.

I musn't have been wearing my lucky shoes that day because what do you know, I get two rejection letters from Oprah on the same day. I'm feeling pretty down, you know you don't get rejected by Oprah every day. Then BAM! Along comes a third email re-confirming my rejection. Just in case I thought an email that said I was rejected meant I really had won two tickets.

Boo Oprah, I still love ya but why oh why couldn't you have just given me one measly ticket.

Do you need a shoe shiner for the day? Would be more than willing to take this role. Unpaid, of course.

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