Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who isn't a pop culture addict?

Put your hand up if you are not a pop culture addict?

It seems these days that there aren't many people out there that aren't 100% obsessed with technology and pop culture and all that it implies. We are all Tweeting, writing on people's walls, watching The Social Network, downloading apps on our iPad, podcasting, reading books on screens instead of paper. The list goes on and is not defined or limited.

Since finishing up uni a few weeks ago, I have to admit I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself in my free time. I no longer have to trowel through thick course readers, research public relations methods or write long-winded essays that I will never refer to again in my career.

I am free. Free to indulge in pop culture even more so than before. Or perhaps just with less guilt.

The best part so far has been the freedom at night and on the weekends. The freedom to start this blog and to read or watch or absorb as much media around me as possible. I don't just love reading the paper. I obviously also dig magazines, watch all sorts of videos on YouTube, read other blogs, scourer websites for any goss or news I should add to the memory bank for future useless fact recalling.

Here is a list of some books I have read/am reading lately, blogs I enjoy perusing and websites that are all on favourites bar.

Are you a pop-culture addict? If so, what makes your fingers twitch?


  1. im surprised to see that frankie isnt in ur list of fav mags?

    i also love zoe fosters blog: http://www.primped.com.au/zoes_blog

  2. woah totes forgot about Frankie, thanks Natski

  3. Love:
    Go Fug Yourself
    Things That Bogans Like
    (PS love that I have a new blog to read at work!! Penny x)

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