Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The lunch debacle

Without fail a certain someone and I have lunch together every day. We used to have our fave locations like the laksa/wonton place, sandwich shops with amazing combos, yummy rolls or pasta from David Jones, fruit salad or sushi train. 

After working in the city for a year, lunch times have come to a stand still. The sushi train has closed, we are sick of our mundane sandwich combos and soup just isn't right for this balmy weather. 

We are over all the regular places and find ourselves debating over where we should eat in order to have something with 'lots of flavour', as the certain someone puts it. 

Some of you may be thinking, 'big deal, it's just lunch.' But it's our thing. Our entertainment for the day where we catch up on all things important, or that could be possibly important to two girls who work at the bottom of the office food chain. 

When it's sunny sometimes we visit the park with two of our work friends. Then the rituals continue. Must bring bright, branded rug from work. Must perve on all passers-by. Must eat Gaytime. 

It's a huge cycle. Before we know it, we are back eating the same sandwich, at the same shop, in the same food court.

I won't even start on the fact that we should not be buying our lunch every day. 

Any good suggestions of where to eat in the city?

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