Saturday, November 13, 2010

The prodigal bbffl returns

Fellow blogger Rob (from Post-Norman Tongue) is my prodigal bbfl (best boy friend for life).

He recently spent ten months based in London and travelling around Europe. You can catch up on assorted adventures at his blog.

We exchanged emails, had Skype sessions and even sent hand written cards trans-Atlantic when I was in New York. He played with my friends in London and I lived vicariously through them all.

While I was so proud of him living it up all alone in the big wide world, I can't say I am not happy to have him home. I can now call him to vent whenever I please, or beg him to drive me somewhere in his 'blue boi' car.

In a few weeks he will be moving two doors up from one of my best friends, Meredith. Damn, I wish I lived on Exclesior Rd in Mount Colah right now.

For one of our first outings out, Bella and I dragged Rob along to a Halloween Party at a work friend's place in Surry Hills. Rob was a lifeguard (repeat costume from London party) and Bella and I were school nerds.

On the way home in the cab, a sleepy Bella woke up from her haze screaming "where's ROB?!"

It felt so sweet to be able to cooly respond, "right here, next to me!"

Damn, it's good to have him back.

Eye heart choo, Rob.

This is us snuggling on 31.10.10.


  1. this is very cute. i think we all have a habit of taking the people closest to us for granted, and it's not until they are gone that we realise how special they are. looking very satisfied there miss shannon :)