Sunday, November 14, 2010

The politics of X

About a month ago Sunday Life published an article titled The politics of the office 'kiss'. Recent emails with a couple of different people has led me back to pondering this controversial topic.

The very clever take on office sign-off antics is a odd but relevant subject for most of us to consider.

In my opinion, X's should not be added to emails like full stops. They should be rarely used, if at all. A kiss received from a colleague who rarely uses them is a true reflection of work well done.

But if you go around handing out kisses all willy-nilly how do you really show your appreciation? With 10 kisses instead of simply one X?

I think people believe that no matter what they write, if they put an X on the end, all is forgiven. It's like as a high school student you might say, "I don't like your top, no offence."

It's a superficial and in most cases unnecessary addition to emails. I will definitely be using X's with even more rarity than usual.

What's your stance on the X?

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