Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fine tuning my skills

Ok so I have pretty basic skills so it's not really like I am "fine-tuning" so to say my skills. That said, this morning I took a nice walk near my house and into the bush to test out the macro setting on my camera (the roses obviously weren't found in the bush). Here's a few basic snaps!

Absolute goddess

Surely this isn't normal?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maxi mania

I should be the perfect candidate for wearing a maxi skirt/dress considering my height. Yet somehow I have never been able to bring myself to wear one. It may sound silly but I feel like they make me look TOO tall.

However, when I came across this little sucker at Gen Pants on Thursday night all my stereotypes relating to this fashion piece were broken. We're the perfect match. I can't wait to wear him with a singlet, blazer and my amazing beige wedges!

Any fashion item you are too scared to tackle?

Meet my new baby

Yes, I am officially one of those wanker SLR camera people. I promise, I bought it for a real reason though. After travelling to Bali earlier this year and taking a whole 5 photos, I decided I wanted a proper camera and to learn how to take big girl photos (i.e. can do more than point and shoot). My new work buddy Steph and I have decided to enroll in the beginners course at ACP (ironically the same anagram as my old work but in this case stands for Australian Centre for Photography). Classes don't start until next year so in the meantime we are going to do some of those dorky tours around Hyde Park and The Rocks to hone our mad photography skills.

Here's a photo of me with my new photo-taker. I'm currently trying to work out what the 137,546,789 different settings do.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Red and pink, oh my!

This picture has made me withdraw anything I have ever said about wearing pink and red together. Contributing further to my colour blocking obsession, is this outfit from Sportmax S/S 11.

That said, I still live by the rule my mother taught me "blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between."

What is your take on mixing non-traditional colours?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love me?

Buy me these shoes?


Absolutely obsessed with ASOS. Now this is a seriously big call...but, before I even open a tab for Facebook in Safari, I open ASOS. Now that's some crazy shit. I hit the "new in" section and take it all in. New blazers, new skirts and new pants. Ohhh my!

I discovered ASOS only perhaps 6 months ago and I have probably done half a dozen orders already. And let me tell you, the orders are not for one item each. If you can work out what size you are (bit of a risk of first) you will be in heaven. Hint: go for the same size you are in Oz clothing regardless of what the net says - the sizes skew larger.

Best purchases thus far? A bright orange skirt, an amazing navy blazer and a leopard watch! Delish.

Check it out. Don't blame me if your credit card suddenly reaches it's limit.