Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Absolutely obsessed with ASOS. Now this is a seriously big call...but, before I even open a tab for Facebook in Safari, I open ASOS. Now that's some crazy shit. I hit the "new in" section and take it all in. New blazers, new skirts and new pants. Ohhh my!

I discovered ASOS only perhaps 6 months ago and I have probably done half a dozen orders already. And let me tell you, the orders are not for one item each. If you can work out what size you are (bit of a risk of first) you will be in heaven. Hint: go for the same size you are in Oz clothing regardless of what the net says - the sizes skew larger.

Best purchases thus far? A bright orange skirt, an amazing navy blazer and a leopard watch! Delish.

Check it out. Don't blame me if your credit card suddenly reaches it's limit.

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