Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh baby, oh baby!

After this image went viral on the internet over the past week, we have all been holding our breath waiting to see if an Australian magazine would pick up the images of Miranda Kerr pregnant and naked from US W magazine.

Alas, no one has. However, the beautiful Miranda has been shot in an array of designer gowns including Alex Perry for Vogue Australia's January issue. The first ever pregnant super model to appear on the cover of Australian Vogue, it's a shoe-in as a news stand hit. 

Blessed with crazy genes the Kerr-Bloom/Morly/Koom baby will definitely be a mini-model in the making. Until we catch a glimpse of that beautiful babe, the sure to be stunning Vogue shoot of Miranda will have to do. Now if only Orly would make a guest appearance. Amazing.

Pick up your copy on Dec 1st. 

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