Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eye Heart Choo

When one starts a blog, there is that constant grueling decision lurking in the back of our minds.

This question is, "what should I call my blog?"

Essentially the name you choose should reflect the content you are producing and/or something about yourself. Bella and I texted, emailed, spoke on the phone and deliberated at lunch over what I should name my blog.

In the end, I Heart Chu won. But alas, the name was not available. Yo, it's Erin from 2006 owns this URL.

So, Eye Heart Choo is born. Please hold for appropriate logo.

The name stems from the language that bffl Bella and I engage in, including sometimes sneaky email sign offs at work. It's all Russian accents, silly words and shameless personal jokes.

What is your blog called and why?


  1. My blog is called Lowbrow hoo-ha... The name is a dig at all those high brow blogs about boring bullshit, like yo look at me and what play i went to last night I'm so cultured and shiz. It's a fun name, for a fun blog.

  2. My blog is called Post-Norman Tongue- basically a pretentious way of saying "the English language". The Normans being from northern France, invading England and setting up (what would eventually become) the English monarchy of today.

    This does in no way suggest that all I blog about is history.


  3. Coming from the wannabe history teacher