Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion faux pas? High-waisted bikini bottoms

Last Sunday, I enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Balmoral Beach with a few friends. Of course, at the top of the list next to sun baking and doing dolphin dives, was people watching. We checked out guys, made fun of a lady with a rain umbrella (note: not a beach umbrella) and then typically, checked out the female swim wear for glimpses of trends for the new season.

The most surprising thing I noticed was a girl with VERY high-waisted bikini bottoms. Of course, we have all seen them in high fashion mags but I was almost shocked to see them in the flesh, right there in front of me.

This got me to thinking about bikinis. How awkward is bikini shopping? You need a supportive friend to take on this retail adventure. If you have big boobs you need the right support up top, or the right bottoms to avoid a mini muffin top. Then there are a million styles, colours and prints. Eeek.

Even more awkward is when you have to keep your underwear on. Yes, it is gross to take it off but when in your life are you going to wear silk undies with your Zimmermann micro-bikini.

It's all about feeling great and confident in what you buy, otherwise how will you strut to the water edge and dive in without a care in the world.

Like a theory for good shoes, even if you try on a bikini in July and it's a perfect match for your pasty white body, buy it!!

I loved rocking my new army green Witchery bikini last weekend at the beach. And the ultimate cover up...a breezy maxi dress.

Hi summer, please come back and warm up my days.

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