Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dress yourself the night before

I have resolved to pick out my outfit for each day this week the night before. Yesterday morning I showed up with my hair in a huge pink clip (clip looks like it belongs to five year old, not even sure why I own it) and no makeup on because I had taken twenty minutes to choose my outfit.

Yes the outfit was quite cool. Black skirt with cord tie, navy singlet and sheer roll up top overlaid.

However, I figure if I can choose my outfit the night before I can just whip it on in the morning and look complete at work first thing rather than having to dash to the bathroom to apply bronzer and mascara.

I refuse to become one of those people who puts their make-up on on the train. So painful watching them trying to apply mascara and then stabbing themselves in the eye.

And today it worked. I had my white shirt ironed and my skirt laid out on the floor with shoes. Amazing. Ready in twenty minutes, even managed a little sneaky sleep in and arrived to work with not a hair out of place and even a full face of make up.

Now if only my wardrobe resembled Alexa Chung's.

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