Sunday, November 28, 2010

New York Heaven

100 reasons why New York City is amazing and I just HAVE to live there at some point in the very near future.

1. That feeling when you are riding in your first yellow cab from the airport. Every window is down and the air conditioning is blasting because it's August and the heat in unbearable. All you say is 'woah' (x 1000) on the way to your hotel).
2. You can walk EVERYWHERE.
3. The food. Amazing. Beyond words.
4. Dean & Deluca - the best iced tea to cool you down on a NY scorcher.
5. Sidewalk carts selling nuts. I was too scared to eat them but they smelt amazing.
6. Old grandpa telling you that the only sweet thing he like is girls. Ok, a bit creepy.
7. White fluffy robes at hotels.
8. Shopping.
9. Shopping.
10. Shopping.
11. Watching Bonnie and Clyde and eating Chipotle at the HBO Summer Film Festival in Bryant Park.
12. Getting absolutely soaked in Central Park. Can see car approaching. Start screaming "no don't, there's a puddle." Suddenly, Shannon is soaked.
13. The MET. Rooftop bar and view of the park is the best in the city.
14. The fat guy sleeping outside the Guggenheim.
15. Magnolia Bakery. Cupcakes. Amazing. Delicious.
16. Marc Jacobs in Boston and my new baby.
17. Victoria's Secret. Have never been so mesmerised by a store.
18. H&M.
19. Top Shop
20. Zara - and visiting 6 of the 7 Zaras in NYC.
21. Buying my mum a Marc Jacobs bag.
22. Top Shop. Heaven has 3 levels on Broadway and Broome.
23. Duke's cafe in Soho. Most delicious toasted sandy ever.
24. Starbucks frappaucinos on a 100 degree NYC day.
25. The view from the top of the Empire State Building.
26. Pinching yourself every day and reminding your best friend that we will never be 21 and in NYC with our best friend again.
27. Harvard. And Harvard t-shirts. And there being two dorms called 'Shannon' and 'Hollis'.
28. Sunbaking on the Charles River in Boston.
29. Swan Boats in Boston.
30. Show and tell every day.
31. Marriage proposals.
32. Bell boys that hail cabs for you.
33. Chop't.
34. Lunch at The Boathouse.
35. Stumbling upon The Palace.
36. Carrie's stoop.
37. Bleeker St.
38. Pinkberry.
39. Shopping at Forever 21 until midnight.
40. Times Square - crazy, beautiful.
41. Going hungover to a diner...that turns out to have singing wait staff.
42. Finally meeting Sarah from Baby Blog.
43. Gansevort rooftop bar.
44. Paul Dempsey at JFK.
45. Becoming a pro at using $1 notes and non-coloured money.
46. Fresh fruit and croissants for breakfast every day.
47. New York City Library.
48. Never getting sick of being with your best friend.
49. Lunch at The Plaza.
50. Drunk bridesmaid at The Plaza.
51. Red Marc Jacobs jacket.
52. Wall St.
53. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain.
54. Bloomingdales.
55. Pushing through the jet lag.
56. Gigantic pizzas.
57. Beer and hotdogs at Yankees game.
58. Entertainers on subway.
59. Frequency of subway.
60. Never eating Maccas in NYC.
61. NYC paraphernalia everywhere.
62. How cheap cabs are.
63. Walking around at night simply to walk and watch.
64. Always feeling safe.
65. The effects of 'free-pouring'.
66. Meeting a guy from Canberra.
67. Climbing 200 stairs up the Statue of Liberty.
68. Arriving for the Statue of Liberty a day early and convincing the lady to let us board the ferry.
69. Never realising how emotional Ground Zero would be.
70. Hot police officers.
71. The smell of Abercrombie and Fitch.
72. Male model you could have photo with at Abercrombie and Fitch.
73. Buying something from Tiffany's on 5th Avenue.
74. Watching baseball in Central Park.
75. Devouring American magazines in Borders.
76. Fresh lemonade in Back Bay.
78. The pasta at Pappa-razzi in Boston.
79. Jumping high at the 'Sound of Music' fountain.
80. Packing when you move to the next location. Bittersweet.
81. The New York Times building.
82. Century 21.
83. Red NYC tour buses - though I never went on one.
84. Standing in the Financial District and looking north to see Central Park in the distance.
85. The white man at traffic lights.
86. How easily you know where you are because they label their streets in the simplest way. Catch on Oz?
87. The markets in Soho.
88. Buskers.
89. M&M store.
90. Grand Central Station.
91. The houses on Park Avenue.
92. The amazingly designed Louis Vuitton store.
93. Old men playing chess.
94. SUVs.
95. Two old ladies in City Hall Park.
96. Finally finding Manolo Blahnik.
97. The Bull.
98. Battery Park.
99. Dinner at Tanuki Tavern.
100. The LOVE sign.

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