Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hollywood darlings of 2010

It was a massive year for the entertainment industry in 2010. We saw the rise and fall of a number of celebrities, models and reality TV stars. Can you tell your Harlows from your Honors? Can you tell your Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys from your Lily Aldridges? Are you a Khloe or Kourtney fan?

By the end of 2011 the entertainment industry will be worth more than $2 trillion. It consumes every minute of our day and leaks into every morsel of our being. We are obsessed with the invisible line that separates us from these people which are so unattainable.

I am a bit of a cheeky celebrity knowledge whiz. I know all their names and the names of their kids. I know the models and who has worked for which magazine or appeared in which advertising campaign. Before I even read the credits of a photo shoot I can generally tell you who the model is, what they are the face of and which agency they are with. This is just one of results of my general knowledge. After blogging for a site which is now owned by I can recite all sorts of facts about celebrities.

Here are my notable celebrity picks for 2010.

The Kardashians
The craziest reason for being a celebrity is because you want to be one. The Kardashians are fame whores and Kris Jenner pimps her kids out like they are going out of style. Kudos to the fam though - they have given me some serious laughs this year.

She opened and closed the Top Shop show in London, has walked for Chanel, is the face of Ksubi, Review, Myer, Cue and too many other brands to mention. Those eyebrows are fierce and apparently so is her 'tude. Gotta love a gal who has the world at her feet.

Ryan Gosling
He melted our hearts in The Notebook and left me unsteady on my feet after his portrayal as the protagonist in Half Nelson, a drug-fueled heart-wrenching story. The trailer for Blue Valentine and his sweet voice already proves that 2011 is going to be a big one for this tortured soul.

This girl is a force to be reckoned with. She is Karl Lagerfield's new muse and is rocking that blonde bob like she owns the joint. From when she first revealed her pierced nipple in Vogue, I was mesmerised. This bold-lipped beauty ain't goin anywhere.

Alexander Skarsgard
His portrayal of Eric Northman in True Blood sends chills up my spine. He is a male vixen. Couple that with fangs and some serious amounts of blood. Oh, and Kate Bosworth as his girlfriend. Who dares argue that Swedes are the best race?

The Stefani-Rossdales
This family is almost too cool to handle. The kids wear leather jackets and Gwen and Gavin look rock n roll even when doing the groceries. What 4 year old is treated to weekly mani pedis? I die, this family is amazing. Adopt me please?

With a baby on the way and a pregnancy that is just all belly, Miranda received all her wishes this year. With Orly by her side and the baby due to arrive in January, this Victoria's Secret model is definitely not bearing anything but a halo.

Olivia Palermo
This gal's fashion is one of the most understated stories of the year. She makes me sick with how stylish she is. Whether it's rocking cons on the New York City pavement or a cocktail dress for a pool-side event in the Hamptons, this girl has got the style factor figured. My New Year's Resolution? Become Olivia Palermo minus the catty personality (though who says reality TV is really 'reality'?)

Which entertainment stars did you dig in 2010? Who are the big ones for 2011?

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