Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beauty musts and lust-haves of 2010

2010 has been the year of perfecting my beauty routine. Before this year I was a uni student that slapped on a bit of makeup when I went to my casual job or out on the weekend. My makeup at uni included some mascara and bronzer and maybe a bit of foundation underneath, if I was lucky. 

Once I started my big girl job in November last year, I realised I needed a look that was a little less hey-I'm-going-to-the-beach and a little more hey-I-work-in-an-office-now. 

That said, I still don't do much but the basics are important to here are my tips (most are freebies from work or beauty sales that just happen to be my dream products).

2011 will be the year that I rock the bold lip, try different eyeshadow and branch out in the fragrance department.

I thought I had found the perfect foundation in Chanel, and that it was normal to end the day a little shiny with some of your makeup coming off in the hot weather. I realised this wasn't normal after Clinique was suggested to me. It's my absolute saviour. It's soft on your skin and doesn't clog your pores and I feel that for me, it might even prevent blemishes. I love the Even Better Makeup with SPF 15 and the Almost Powder Compact. 

My skin has been so clear lately, I think this is also thanks to using Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Daily Energizer Lotion. My skin used to be quite oily with dry patches and this skin routine seems to have sorted that issue out. When I want to switch up my skincare or if I have had some sun, I love Kora Day & Night cream. 

Even though their foundation wasn't right for me, you can't go past Chanel Kohl Intense Eye Pencil. It seems excessive but it's actually well priced and is longer than normal eyeliners. I use it on the top and smudge it on my eye lids before applying eye shadow.

When it comes to mascara you can't go past Dior Show Extase or Clinique High Impact. Even better? A combo of the two. 

Another freebie? David Babaii hair polish. It's perfect for my long hair which can sometimes get wild if I don't give it some serious ghd action. In terms of shampoo and conditioner I switch it up with anything form Dove and Palmolive to John Freida and De Lorenzo. Basically, I use what I can get for $1 a bottle at beauty sales.

I'm a sucker for any L'Oreal eye shadow and have been known to splurge on a creamy pallet of colours from Dior. A lazy day sees me just going with a blue eye liner on the top lid and lashings of mascara. 

Still searching for the perfect bronzer/blush. I generally use anything I can get my hands on that is under $10 as I chop and change so much. At the moment it's Sportsgirl but would be open to any other suggestions that give you that sun-kissed glow. 

And the bold lip? Nothing beats a MAC lippie, especially one in a super hot colour like Morange. 

Nail poish. Any one that knows me well, knows that I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish. The collection is probably up around 30 bottles which include brands like OPI, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Revlon and Sportsgirl. Pet peeve? I hate wearing red nail polish when I am wearing a red top and visa versa. I'm known to paint my nails 2-3 times a week. It's just my thang. 

Absolutely obsessed with my Balenciaga Paris fragrance. Mindful to not use it too often so alternatives include Alberta Ferreti, Dior J'adore, Marc Jacobs Daisy and DKNY Delicious.

What are your beauty musts and lust-haves?

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