Monday, January 17, 2011

To bikini or not to bikini?

That's the big question tonight. After spending the last 10 days in Bali surrounded by almost naked people it left me wondering about the world of bikinis and Facebook. While very different subjects they seem to slot quite well together considering the vain society that we live in.

Are you the kind of girl who willingly smiles for any camera, is happy to run around in her skimpy cozzie and play water polo with boys in barely nothing?

We stayed at an absolutely amazing resort with two insane pools. We spent most of our time at this one and laid out on the lounges for most of the day. I was 100% comfortable swimming in my cozzie, sitting at the tables by the pool in my cozzie and walked around the resort with nothing on but a little bit of Seafolly, Jets or Zimmermann.

It was heaven.

But for some people this would be hell. The body conscious who add sarongs or if you are even more shy wear a T-shirt or one of those funny cozzie bottoms which incorporate a skirt. I am not talking about larger women here. I am talking about people who have great bodies to my eyes but can't see it themselves or are too modest to show it off. Or perhaps it is someone who just has an average body and is willing to wear a skimpy bikini pool side but would never post the pictures online because it strays from her perfect prof pics.

So what's the connection with Facebook then? If I go on a holiday and am willing to strut around the pool in my bikini why wouldn't I be willing to post photos of me in my bikini on Facebook? I guess people like to create this persona on Facebook where they only post the most amazing photos of themselves. It shouldn't be called "Profile Pictures" but rather "Most Recent Hot Photos of Me".

I'm not fooling anyone (and neither are you), I have the body I have and if you are going to spend every moment of my life worrying about what others think as well as what you put in your mouth, not a single other thought will fit between your ears.

It's about loving what you have. Life is not about editing and manipulating our offline lives, online.

What's your take on the whole issue? 


  1. TO BIKINI!!! curvy, thin, short, tall, long, round - whatevvvvs, we were born in our birthday suits, we will die in our birthday suits and we will prance in our swim suits as we wish!