Thursday, March 17, 2011

If only...

Some superficial 'if only' points for today.
  • If only I could look as chic as Emma Watson does in her new ads for Lancôme.
  • If only I had a personal sushi chef that made me my favourite rolls each night for dinner. And miso soup, of course. 
  • If only my room would clean itself, my washing wash itself and my hair blow dry itself. 
  • If only I could cure my obsession with Shop Bop.
  • If only I could be as funny and cute as Mia Freedman is in her new book, Mia Culpa. Seriously rationing it out for fear of depression once reading is completed. 
  • If only I owned half of Gorman's clothing (now, if I said ALL that would no longer be superficial but unrealistic).
What are some things you are if only-ing about?


  1. If you find the cure for the shopbop obsession..let me know! I'm sure I'll be called into one of my partners offices eventually for over-visiting THAT site!

  2. One day you will type it in and it will just be blocked. That's what happened to Facebook in our office :p