Monday, March 14, 2011

Lucy Diamond

Imagine if you were named after a Beatles song.

Daddy, why does the snow flake? Because snow -- because snow flakes. Daddy, what is mustard made of? Because it's yellow ketchup. Daddy, why are men bald? Sometimes they're bald because their head is shiny...and they don't have hair on it. So their head is just more of their face. Daddy, are ladybugs only girls...or are there boys, too? And if there are, what are they called? Yeah, the Beatles.

Daddy, where does the sky end? Why does the moon follow me home? Why is the sun orange? Where does the hour go in Daylight Savings? Daddy, do I look more like you or Mommy? Daddy... Do you think she'll ever come back? Paul McCartney lost his mother when he was little. And John Lennon lost his mother when he was little.

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