Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snuggle times

Nothing says snuggle time like a brand spanking new pair of sheets and a pretty doona. I did the ultimate of all ultimate betrayals and bought a quilt cover from the Marie Claire range. I was looking for something pretty, yet plain, cool yet something I would not get bored of quickly.

I can't find it online but it's a light grey with a floral pattern. It's edginess comes in white and grey colour blocking around the edges.

Even better? Coupled with the 500 thread count Sheridan sheets it is so super cozy and snuggly.

Besides getting out of bed to have lunch with the fam and put on my washing, I think I will stay put.

My room is getting a mini makeover so stay tuned for my next little project which will take a little more creativity that picking out a set of sheets.

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