Friday, April 22, 2011

The BIG Week

I think this has been the biggest week of my life.

After four years of study I graduated from uni, after two years at Cleo I embarked in exchange for bigger and better things at News Digital Media, I left by 21 year old self behind and moved into the big scary seat of being 22 and I planned and helped organise Cleo Bachelor of the Year.

On top of that, I attempted to teach someone new how to do my job in two weeks (a hard feat in itself plus add the party planning, days off for graduation and doing your normal tasks). Insane.

And now on Good Friday, I rest. Last night I slept for 14 hours. A completely exhausting but thrilling last week.

It all began last Thursday when I turned 22. I had an insanely busy day but managed to pop out with Chinny, Lohie, Belle, Fishy, Swifty and Yay for a quick lunch play date. Then my office gorged on an amazing fruit platter in the afternoon and I was presented with 18 amazing pink roses. Dinner at Sushi Choo with Meredith and buying a LBD for Bachelor completed the night. Add in a Frankie subscription and an amazing card from my future boyfriend, Bill Ransic and the day was complete.

Saturday, we all celebrated with drinks at Dr Pong and dancing at The Forbes. There is nothing better than bringing your friends from all different parts of your life and seeing them hit it off. The fact that they have you in common is enough to spur conversation. Belle proved to be the pro at Ping Pong and all the boys were equally intimidated. Coco Pops for breakfast. Best way to hit a hangover on the head the next morning.

I never though I would have one of THOSE moments. You know those moments that characters have in movies when they talk to themselves. Well, I didn't speak out loud, but when I was lining up back stage to received my degree I stopped still. It was just a "wow, you deserve this, soak it in" moment. How many times do you graduate from university and have your parents beaming in the crowd?

And of course, Meredith was shocked when I said I was more excited about Cleo Bachelor than my graduation. The thing about organising something like this, is that it literally starts six months before. Locking in the sponsors, selecting the venue, organising the guest list. The only way to describe it is manic. And it's not like it's your ONLY task. It's on top of EVERYTHING else that you do. But you know what, when you show up on the night and everything runs so smoothly that you can't stop smiling, it's worth all the stress, late nights and back pain (from hauling goodie bags).

To top it off, I love that the winner (Eamon Sullivan) was as humble as pie. A true sweetie. And who could forget the second runner up, Paul "Crazy Eyes" Verhoeven.

Coming in at 11am on your last day. Amazing. Just chilling, eating noodles for lunch with ya BFF and then attending your final book meeting. Knowing I never have to put that book together again is both sad and a relief. More flowers, a Marc Jacobs bracelet and an awesome dumpling date with ma ladies topped off the day. Farewell Cleo.

On to the next chapter. 5 days off. Shopping at Zara this weekend. job!

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